My aunt?

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Start from the beginning I guess .... if there is one :unsure:

Right - basically, my aunt is a very ... hm.... tough person - she sees everything as a battle, much to my annoyance sometimes.

She had a (what I think to be, possibly) a panic attack or something ... I don't know... she apparently had a tingling down one side, dizzy, short of breath (if I remember rightly.... this was last week).

Now, she's normally on a short fuse at the best of times, but ever since she has been on a shorter one than normal......

She went to the docs about her little health scare, and we don't know what was said ... she isn't the sort of person who opens up easily at all. :sad:

My mum and dad have mooted / muted .... talked over :)tongue:) the possibility that she may be depressed..... I don't know .....
As I've said, she isn't the sort of person who opens up easily .... she's a lot more irritable than usual....

I dunno ...... any ideas .....

As I've said to my parents .... the first step to seeking help (for whatever problem she has), is admitting you have one .... and I cannot see her doing that ... :sad:

Any ideas?
Sorry to hear about your Aunt, Joe. You are right about the first step being that you need to admit you need help. Without knowing what was said by the dactors it is hard to know what the answer may be. She may be just as frightened, or even more so, than you are about what happened to her. This could definitely cause her to become more irritable. Give her time. If there is something she needs to tell you about her health, it will eventually come out. She may need the time to process things on her own. Who knows hun. I will be thinking of your family as you try to solve this problem. :hug:
Thanks Gentle .....

You make good points - and you are 100% correct in that things will come out in time .... just that I'm worried about her :(

Thanks for taking the time to respond hun :hug:

Take care :)

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