My beautiful best friend..

I don't know what words could possibly begin to describe how much I miss you.. 5 months ago you left us.. not a day goes by where I don't think how different my life is.. without you.

How badly I just want to tell you I love you. How much I just want to hug you once more. I'd never let go.. I wish you told me what was going on in that beautiful head of yours.. if you'd told me, I'd have tried my hardest to rescue you. I should have seen you needed help.. But I was too blind with just how amazing you were..

There is always something, that makes me think of you, or your beauty, or your laugh, your free spirit..

Life was so bad to you. You never deserved any of the shit you went through.. you were so incredibly perfect, you couldn't possibly deal with it all yourself, no one could, it wouldn't be human. We saw a lot of shit go down when we were together. You pulled me out of any bad shit that went on in my life. We had our bad days, everyone does. We gave each other bruises and had our scuffs, but.. I would never have changed that for anything.

I miss you every day Shen. I will never find another human being as amazing as you were. You were my babygirl. You always will be my baby girl. I will never forget you. I promise on your birthday I'll still light a candle for you. And I'll know, if that candle doesn't disperse, you're watching over me. I'll know it's you. It was always you..

You're heaven's angel now. Rest in peace my beautiful girl. :(
Rest in Peace, my Shen.
14/04/1992 - 10/12/2010

total eclipse

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Hey just know okay there was nothing you could have done sometimes one does not leave and signs they are that deep in depression i wish also icould have seen the pain of someone i lost but i did not. You gave her friendship while she was here she is still in your heart hugs to you

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