My Beloved Parents

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    To be honest, I don't even know why I chose this title. Oh well.

    My Beloved Parents (by 880)

    Daddy, please, let go
    Mommy, no, don't cry
    I promise I'll be a good boy
    So daddy won't be mad at us

    Sorry, I had a nightmare
    I hate being a needy brat, but
    I'm so scared
    Can I sleep with you tonight, mommy?

    I'll be quiet
    I don't wanna be a burden
    I just want you to hold me, to
    Love me, mommy

    Stop, daddy, it hurts!
    I swear I didn't meant to upset you!
    I won't do it again, just

    I'm sorry I was ever born
    Sorry I'm such a burden!
    I never meant to be in your way
    I just wish we could be a family...

    But I guess that's not possible
    You just want to get away, right?
    I suppose I could that
    Since there's no other way to make you happy

    Why are you screaming?
    I thought that's what you wanted?
    I'm giving you an escape!
    That's better... Silence

    ...I have been a bad boy
    And I deserve to be punished
    Just take me away
    Don't let me see them!

    Let me think they're just
    I know I was the reason for their misery
    I wanted to send them to "a better place"

    I'm all alone now
    It's really dark here
    I wish I could go to the better place too
    But I guess you don't want me there...

    Surely, you don't want me there
    Daddy, who won't be angry anymore
    And mommy, who can no longer cry
    I wonder if you can forgive me?
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Not open for further replies.