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My best friend died.


both dead and alive until somebody opens the box
Just about a week ago. March 29th, 2011 at 6:09 a.m. He died in my arms. He was my pet, but most definitely my best friend. I miss him so much. I don't know if I'll ever get over him.
We did everything together. Sure, he was a rat. Not everyone likes rats. We'd get weird looks when I took him to the park. I couldn't take him into stores because pets weren't allowed. Only in Petsmart.
He died from Lymphoma cancer. Two tumors. They swelled so much that the inflammation made water go into his lungs (I don't know how), and he died. Just stopped breathing. I gave him his medications, and then brought him back to his cage. He crawled into the corner, looking sick. I picked him up, and he went limp and cold. He stopped breathing.

My son; my brother; my friend; my companion; my pet; my rat. Rest in peace, Käse the rat.

Sorry you had to read all that. I just had to get it out. I miss him so much, I just can't take it. I have two rats now. I just got a new one in place of Käse. Käse was my first rat. I loved him. I still do.
I wish he was still here. In my arms. Still breathing. Still cuddling up against my face. Still keeping me up at night with his nocturnal ways. Still trying to escape from his cage.
I wish he could hear me, just so I could tell him I love him one more time.


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Five weeks ago, my cat, Noah, died in my arms of a seizure, so I know how you feel...I miss that little furry everyday too...I am sorry for your loss...also, 3 months ago, I had to put my best furry friend to sleep...Kitten was so smart and funny...he said several words very clear, like can-food, Aon-Aaron, Ma, etc. and when ppl heard it, they did a double take...I miss him so much too...J


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I've lost some very dear and close furry friends before now too and I know how hard it can be to lose one you're especially close to. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss - I'm sure Käse knows you loved him. :hug:
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Animals are so precious. I've lost a few best friends that were animals over the years. I lost one of my very first dogs 3 years ago i will never forget her. I also lost my bird in December 2 days before my birthday. A lot of people don't understand the connection and love between animals or don't quite understand to the extent. I'm glad one of the few in the world who does understand the special relationship and bond between humans and pets/animals.

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