My Best Friend is Going to Commit Suicide

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by someonehelpme, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. someonehelpme

    someonehelpme New Member

    My best friend is extremly depressed and she even bought classes online or something so she can get a permit for a gun and I am trying to be there for her but I have nothing supportive to say and im really shy and I have no advice to give and her parents are diviorced and she has no siblings and im her only friend and basically her only reason to stay alive but i dont think thats enough. She found out her dad was lying to her about the person he was and she is going to college and wants to live only at her one house but her mom wont let her. She wont tell anyone how she feels and her psychologist never called her back so now shes given up on that and I dont know what I should do. Should I tell my mom or her parents? but what would i say? and I only want to talk to a psychologist by online chat or by email. Also I am getting really nervous and stressed out because I have to worry about this and I'm the only one that can help her but I need to focus on studying for my midterms but i cant really focus and I feel like I will be too shy to actually do anything to help
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You tell her parents you call a crisis line let them know where she is and what her plan is and you get her help hun then you can concentrate on your midterms because she then will be in hospital getting the support she needs to heal and to stay safe.
  3. ACPhilosopher

    ACPhilosopher Active Member

    You should not try to deal with this situation alone. There's just too much at stake. If an actual plan is in place, you need to find someone who is trained to deal with situations like this. The truth will set you free; hiding the situation will only drag the pain out and possibly end in tragedy.
  4. sadguy33

    sadguy33 Banned Member

    I say do what the above people say. However make sure she knows that her best friend is there for her give her a hug and offer a shoulder also if you call the crisis line make sure she knows that you did it out of love. Many people in a depressed state of mind think that people are out to get them she might take the good thing you did as a betrayal if you don't explain to her that you did it because you care about her and you don't want her to die. Still I agree with the above don't take any chances at the same time make sure to check in on her and explain to her that you care about her.
  5. Black Sun

    Black Sun Active Member


    Yeah, this is very serious, your friend needs prefessional help, now! I lost my best friend 23 years and the pain of losing him never goes away. This may be the best friend you will ever have in your entire lifetime. Screw feeling shy or tongue-tied. Friends don't let other friends kill themselves. She may even be telling you all her plans just to see if anyone, especially you, cares enough to intervene. Do it! Tell everyone you have to, to stop this! The psychologist is required by law to protect her from herself and has to take action or else. You can do it, show her you really, truly care! That love can make all the difference in the world to a very deeply depressed person.

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