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My best friend wants to suicide?

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Hi, I hope you guys can help me, I suspect my best friend might want to kill himself, here is why I supect:

1.- sometimes hes really happy, seconds later, he wants to be alone and its all quiet and depressed, it been like this for months.

2.- His drowings are the following: a dead girl in the bathtub, instead of water, she is in a bath of blood. Hand with cut wrists and bloody knives. those are the most common.

3.- He likes sharpy objects, like knives and those.

4.- His messenger nick in the messnger are all depressing and sadic, he dispay images are whores, those really scare me!

5.- His older brother is not very understanding with him.

I know he had some family problems a few months ago,and he just broke up with his girfriend. His grades are falling and he is just more and more depressed.

What worries me the most is that he is only 13 (He is 3 years younger than me)! Please tell me, is this just a phase or he wants to kill himself?

I tried million of times, but he wont tell me whats wrong...



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He sounds really depressed. If he sounds like he's trying to give away his possessions or making "final plans" then that is a very bad sign, but the bathtub drawing is scary. You might consider telling his parents if he won't talk to you. It may be serious, but it could be a phase. I wouldn't take any chances though.


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He might just be turning into a goth kid? :) I used to draw graveyards and caskets when I was at that age, but I didn't want to die. It could be nothing, maybe a phase, but suggest that he talks to a councellor just to be safe.


Going through puberty an the change from boy to young man/girl to young woman is hard on anybody.At this stage of the game most teenagers are susceptible to raging hormones that tear at you left and right.Its not to say that he isnt depressed but some of it is typically "normal" for teens.Still it sounds like he may need to talk with somebody,maybe a family doc or school counselor.


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does he open up to you? talk to you? if so all he could need is a ear to fall on ... yet again dont take on too much a depressed person can take you down with the ship without realising or wanting it. Do what you can but in the bottom line dont take on too much.

I would suggest talking to him about your perseptions and see what he has to say. he may confess he is depressed and thinking of suicide or he may just have an attraction towards the Goth world or something totally different.

Just talk to him and see whathe has to say before doing anything else.




Today he told me something, he used to harm himself! Now I am starting to worry...


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Apologises if this sounds insulting..

Could he be suffering from psychosis? It doesn't sound like a typical depression to me. I also think it's a lot more than wanting to be like a 'goth'. He needs help before things get worse.
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