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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by alle_vite, May 2, 2010.

  1. alle_vite

    alle_vite Well-Known Member

    I lost my best friend on friday not through death thankfully just through issues in our friendship, it may not seem major to others but i now have no one to talk to and no one to turn to i cant believe how much it has affected me loosing him out my life even tho i thought it was for the best it clearly wasnt and what hurts more is that it he let the frienship go so easily!! i am so stupid
  2. ASolitaryBlue

    ASolitaryBlue Well-Known Member

    :hug: im here if you ever want to talk :console:
  3. Vitreledonellidae

    Vitreledonellidae Well-Known Member

    I know how it is, I regret I never did something about it back than. Im sure you can still explain it him and get your friend back, or at least try.
  4. alle_vite

    alle_vite Well-Known Member

    I really wish i could but i now have no way of getting in touch with him ,he knew i was falling in love with him and i thought it was best to cut ties but i thought he felt the same and never thought he would walk away with out even a goodbye!!! its hurting me more than it should i hate myself for it, i was already on a downward spiral and he was the one person i could talk to, the one person that understood me and didnt judge me and now i have no one, everyone in my life judges me and not one of them understands my head so im completly fucked now i dont see the point in fighting this lost battle
  5. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    When someone lets something that means so much to you go so easily. It hurts very bad. I know something similar happened to me. Just remember here you will always have someone to talk too. Maybe not someone to hold, but someone to hear you. :hug:
  6. alle_vite

    alle_vite Well-Known Member

    im so confused why does it keep happening? am i a bad person? a bad friend? or just a pain in the ass that needs to disappear
  7. ozbound

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    Your not a bad person or a bad friend most have been where you are. Your in a bad place in your life but you have a best friend thats always there for you and you end up getting over attached and reliant on this person. Your not doing anything wrong it's human nature. Hopefully he will come around and realise he needs you too and you can be friends again.
  8. alle_vite

    alle_vite Well-Known Member

    i hope you read this i just want you to know im sorry i failed you