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My Biggest Fear..your take...

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The thing I fear most is to be forgotten....not the uncertaintity of the afterlife, not hell, not being non-existant...but to be an afterthougt.

If any of you follow American Football...the Indianapolis Colts head coach's son killed himself 1 yr ago.He was only 18.For some reason seeing his father celebrate the victory struck a nerve with me.Now Im not that callous as to try to speak on what this man was feeling...but if it was me that would ruin my life...no more joy.....guilt.I know life goes on and thats true when somebody dies of old age or an incurrable disease....but IMO suicide is different.Thoughts???
i do understand where you're coming from, but i think that even after losing someone so close, it is okay to smile and to laugh. this guy has been trying to get to the superbowl for god knows how long, and for him to succeed in that is a big deal. not that the death of his son isn't a bigger deal, but i think that it is good that he is smiling and celebrating. i don't even think that necessarily means he's moved on. when my friend lost her little sister to suicide a few years ago, she was more than distraught, but i know that a year later she was smiling and laughing even though most of the time she was broken inside.

i don't know if i would be smiling and celebrating, it would probably end my life, but i'm just saying that i don't think it is completely crazy to see him act this way.


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Thats what you see on the TV and in the papers, he lost his son, I'm pretty sure even while he was celebrating he was thinking about him, think if his son was alive he'd probably be celebrating along with him. His son watched his father try year after year to get to the Superbowl, I'm sure if theres a afterlife he'd be really happy and proud that his dad made it.

To lose a child is meant to be the biggest heartbreak of them all, and he's lived with that for a year, let the guy have some happiness.


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Thanks for the replies.

I'm not saying he doesn't deserve happiness.....Im just wondering how somebody gets to that point? How does one take pleasure in things anymore?Enjoy life.

I'm definitely not discounting what you guys said about "hurting inside" and us not being able to see the pain that he most likely is feeling.I guess I envy him in a certain way....I lost somebody close to me(not by suicide) and I cant enjoy anything anymore no matter how much I try.I cant be happy.

I cant imagine how you could recover from a suicide.The guilt...the unanswerd questions...why's and what-if's....seems like it would be utterly unbearable.I feel like that now-- and I can only speculate if a family memember, a son no less, killed themselves it would be magnified X 1000,000
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