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My birthday I’m so grateful I see another year Jim's Cafe 5 July, 2020


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It’s my birthday today xx and wow man am I glad I made a choice to stay alive . I’m blessed that today I see another year A year wiser and year stronger and a year in the world cause without this forum who knows what would of happened . Love you guys to moon and back xxx and although my kids don’t know you I pretty sure there glad and thankful for you too xx


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And how grateful I am to not have ended my life when I so thought there was no way out cause trust me when I say wahooooooo it’s my bloody birthday and I’m so so happy to have worked through the bad stuff xxx it wasn’t easy and it’s still not but today I’m alive and for that I’m truly truly grateful who knows about tomorrow but in this moment I’m ok and things are just ok x


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Tysm for the tag @Baywasp :) I tag @Kiwi2016 @Road to Nowhere @Citizen Insane @FlamingoWrangler lmao omg 2 of the 6 people I had tagged posted while I was typing this so screw it I better just post it right now before everyone else has already posted too lol. HAPPY BDAY!!! :) Not sure if you're a guy or a woman so I found 2 diff. kinds of cakes depending on which one you are lol, I'm glad you are here though & even more glad that you are glad to be here too that is great to hear! :) :) :) *hug

(Lol w/ the M shaped one, please ignore the name since I realize I don't know your name either, hope you like smarties though but if not then please pretend they are whatever your fave kind of chocolate or candy is) ;) :)

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