My bizarre housing situation

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    I have been in this HMO in supported living for almost two years. It was never a good fit, just a quick fix. The flat I had before was riddled with damp and had an ant infestation in summer; social services got Environmental Health involved and the landlords were made to do necessary repairs after I moved out.

    In this house, at first I was the only autistic person there. Other residents had things like schizophrenia. I never settled and having seven other people around was too much. I had meltdowns and bad behaviour in general and kept saying I was unhappy and would they give me notice to leave which they wouldn't. Also it was too expensive to stay here, my care is expensive and per week apart from my DLA which goes on sanitary items I have been left with around £50 from my main benefit.

    Eventually they did give me notice but finding a flat for me has been almost impossible with most not accepting housing benefit and agencies wanting fees for this and fees for that and rent in advance plus deposit. I needed to find the money from somewhere and told the house I would stop paying the top up direct debit of almost £300 fortnightly over two months ago. It has meant that I have saved this money (their money) and have all the funds I need if I was to find somewhere to live, also the council have awarded me £800 to help with rent in advance and deposit.

    The notice date passed and that was over a month ago, still nowhere suitable has been found and they have issued a third and final notice to quit by 12th July, next week. As a vulnerable adult they accept they cannot make me homeless and my social worker today said not to worry because after that date if I still have nowhere else to go, the house has to start eviction proceedings and that 'could take months'.

    I'm unhappy at the whole situation, it is like being a pawn in a political chess game - and I feel very awkward about effectively being in some place where I am not paying rent as everyone must do but also this adds to my depressed state as it is a worry not knowing where I go next week, if I go or where I will be in the near future.

    I've been in and out of care all my life really but never been in a situation like this before.
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    Totally unacceptable situation. As a vulnerable person, they are not allowed to put you on the street, so no worries there on that score. The council are obliged by law, to find you suitable, alternative accomodation that meets your needs. And yes, forced evictions can take "forever" and in your instance would be unlikely anyway.

    You seem to know your rights, so stand firm and dont be pushed around. Its not a great or ideal situation, but it work itself out in time I am sure and hopefully you will have a home where you are comfortable, safe and settled. Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome for you.
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    I'm not sure I know about my rights at all. I just have to listen to what my social worker is saying. She ought to know the legal stuff based on experience you would think. I can see two armies here with me in the crossfire.
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    UPDATE: Secured a studio flat today and tenancy starts Friday. Different part of town but nice. Landlord looking for long-term let anyway. Basement flat and it has a bath! :)
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    That really is great news and I am chuffed for you. What a weight off your shoulders that must be. Good luck with the move, hope it all goes well and you get settled in.
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    Thanks Sinister Kid. It is unfurnished so I will enjoy buying new things. There is not a lot of room but I think I would like one of those sofas that pull out into a bed as long as it is a double. I will need all the basics too Luke kettle, microwave oven, also curtains.