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my boyfriend just moved to oklahoma

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this friday, my boyfriend moved to oklahoma. and he's gonna be there for the next 6 months. i don't think i'm gonna make it. when i first found out that he was moving, i was in just so much shock that i couldn't even think clearly about it untill the next morning when i woke up, and then it really hit me that he was moving. i ended up going into a deep depression for the first 2 days where i couldn't even eat anything. and now i am completly fine and completly estatic. i mean, i know he's gone right now and everything, and he's gonna be gone for a long time, and i know he's gonna end up cheating on me (which i'm allright with by the way), and i'm not freaking out at all!!
i feel as though everything is just going absoloutly perfect, and it's immposible for me to be anything BUT happy. and this kinda scares me right now, cause i know that very soon, i'm gonna have a major breakdown and will have to deal with an extremly bad depression. when this happens, i'm gonna really need someone there for me. so yeah


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Oh the joys of having the one you love moving - grand aye?

All right enough sarcasm for today. First of all, if it's a job op. or something he's been wanting to do for a long time, I htink you should be happy for him. But ecstatic? Even I would be a little sad (Believe me, I was when my girlfriend had to move). What kept me going, though, was it was better for her. And suiting what she needed done. If such isn't the case for you, then I reccommend trying to keep it long distance for a while. Sure things will be different - you won't get to see him! But don't let that deterr you, let it be a strength.. and have faith in your love. Because once it's over, that love will be stronger than ever. Guaranteed.


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Well it seems like you want him to cheat on you. I think you expect it to happen. That is not uncommon among some women. I will not comment on why I think that.

But if you do not trust him this relationship is just going to be a bad one. And you should end it until you can learn to trust males.

Or you could take the other route and cheat on him while he is gone and then make claims of him cheating and claim that it all evens out or something.

Either way, I think the reason why you are happy is that you are so sure that him cheating is going to happen you cannot wait. You cannot wait to tell him how horrible he is and how much it hurt that he cheated and all this stuff. But you need to have faith in him... I do not know him. But this six months will seem like 60 years if you do not relax and trust him, or leave him.


Its just a relationship like many you have had and will have in the future. I have never understood why someone falls apart, becomes depressed and even suicidal at times.

Look at who you are and know you are a great person. Whether you have someone right there, far away or not at all is irrelevant. If you like yourself then you may come to realize that relationships are the icing on the cake but they are not the cake. Have faith in yourself and things will work out they way they are meant to. Good luck.
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