My boyfriend...

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  1. My Boyfriend

    My boyfriend he is,
    just me and him,
    our past has been rough,
    not one to like,
    but the past has done something for us,
    it has bought us together,
    forever and ever,
    nothing can stop the love we share,
    me and him are forever a pair,
    I love my boyfriend with all my heart,
    ever since I met him, right from the start,
    the love between us only grew stronger,
    my boyfriend, about him,
    he is sweet and caring,
    loving in everyway,
    tolerant beyond possible,
    and the second he says 'I love you',
    the world stops,
    and it's only us.

    My boyfriend he is,
    my boyfriend I love,
    my boyfriend I want,
    my boyfriend I need,
    me and him,
    forever are we.
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    emogirl Well-Known Member

    what a brilliant poem huni:biggrin:
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