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Ideas & Opinions My brother in law wants revenge


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I was compensated with some money a few years ago after a traumatic event. My sister and her husband's landlord wanted to either evict them (for being quite destructive with the house) or sell it, so I used my money to buy their house so they could keep living there.
Recently I paid for their electrics to get checked and fixed, the electric people said it was apart of the deal to get the walls re-plasted but they ended up never doing it no matter how many times I called they made excuses. I ended up calling all the places I could find but they said it will be a long waiting list because of covid and back-dated jobs. My sister and husband know this and said that's totally fine (this was 2 or less weeks ago). We all have a good relationship and me and my mum help them out daily with their kids and tidying their house etc.

My mum is my carer because of my mental health, but most mornings she takes my sister's son to school (it's close by but my mum has a car so she finds it easier for my mum to drive him as there's more time to get him ready). This morning though I asked her to stay home as I was having a horrible breakdown, I haven't slept in days, in a lot of physical pain, found out I got scammed yesterday (unrelated) and just last month I seperated from my abusive husband which has been very difficult for me as I have a huge fear of being alone (physically - like alone in a room etc). My sister said she's fine walking her son to school today.

However, my sister was suddenly very off with me while texting. Then suddenly I get an angry text from her husband saying he has just reported me without any warning and will take matters further if I don't find someone to plaster their walls this week. I'm absolutely terrified and can't find anyone who will do it in time (still on waiting lists). I just found out it's all because he is angry at me for asking my mum to stay home this morning. I have no idea what to do, I ended up having another breakdown and the timing couldn't be worse (mentally and financially). I literally can only think of suicide as my only option. I could never ever evict them and I know no one will buy the house off me because of how they treat it. I just want to die.

Thanks to anyone who read this and thanks in advance for any opinions etc, even just a virtual hug would be appreciated. :(


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i am so sorry to hear they are treating you this way. one thing you can do is tell them if they don't back off you will contact the city for an inspection and the result will probably mean a condemnation of the building forcing them to move, and if you are forced to do that after they leave fix the house and sell it. another option is to sell it to them and if you have to finance it yourself get a lawyer to draw the contract. another thing is tell them all you've done for them and if they cause you stress you'll stop helping. they sound ungrateful so protect yourself first...mike...*console*sadhug*shake


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even just a virtual hug would be appreciated.
A massive *hug for you.

He has no right to treat you like that, I don't know what the laws are wherever you live but see what can be done.

I'm sorry it has come to this but we're all here fighting this with you, I hope you're physically feeling a little better now, more hugs *hug *console 💖❣


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1) am sorry your jerkwad bro in law claimed to have reported you

2) am sorry you got scammed

3) having a breakdown sucks royally!

4) breathe. Really. You did all the right steps. It is beyond your control. The electricans are great at making holes for sure. I have an electrican n plumber I use to make holes and another guy to cover up the holes. Thats how it works in construction LOL. Due to the COVID pandemic many government agencies has thrown alot of reporting/complaints out of the window literally and told people who are wantonly wasting their time to suck it up.

5) Tell your bro in law its not cool but ok if want to be a dick and petty he can be evicted. (Only dipshits are evicted) You did a cool thing and brought a house and let them live in it knowing their wear and tear is more than the normal tentant... thats alot of trust!

6) Contact the agency he has "reported" to and explain the situation that hey theres a wait list beyond your control. They might give you recommendations who or what to do to remedy the bogus compliant

7) even extra idea hire a handyman ( a notch qualified below a construction/contractoe/drywaller experienced person to cut and fit hang drywall if the holes are bigger not need to patch up its a quick tempoary cover up the wires blah blah if studs are visible it makes it ez to just screw them in, hey better than nothing for now

Some people and self entilement. Jeez sorry you got the worst end of the deal!
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I'm so sorry they're treating you like that. They have no right to.

Suicide certainly isn't the only option for you. I'm sure this incident will resolve just fine for you. You've tried your best to resolve the incident, and it isn't that big of a deal.

Just remember, if they are being horrible to you, you don't owe them anything.

I hope you can feel a bit better soon. Stay safe. Sending hugs *brohug.




@MosesY made me with laugh calling your bil an asshat. Thats a good word for him.
idk where you live, or who is requiring you to fix the walls, but it seems you could get an extension because COVID has prevented available workers. The same thing could happen with evictions. All evictions are prohibited in the area I live in.
they would have to leave if it was condemned. there are no easy answers.

i hope you are beginning to feel in better control of your breakdown. Youve had a lot of chaos & hurt to deal with. I hope you can find calm and rest soon!

more hugs for you


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Thank you everyone so much, he ended up apologising after my sister found out (turns out she didn't know) and got mad at him - I think also when I told him I'd rather just sell the house because I mentally can't handle things like that being sprung on me unexpectedly, made him scared too, maybe. I managed to finally find someone who re-plasted it quickly though by asking for help on Facebook. :)

Thank you again, sorry I didn't get a chance to reply earlier because life is getting so busy, but reading your comments at the time helped me feel so supported and I'm grateful for all the advice! Sending hugs to you all!


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Any handymen in here and live in England can go help her plaster wall? Or you can offer her your handyman? That is what she needs. We all need help.


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Any handymen in here and live in England can go help her plaster wall? Or you can offer her your handyman? That is what she needs. We all need help.
Thank you soo much, but I managed to find someone by Facebook :) I did a small update about it in this thread just now, everything turned out ok in the end :) Thank you again *hug


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Scytaic. Thank you for like. Does this mean you agree. You need a handyman? That will solve your suicidal thoughts?
And if so then how simple. This could bring out the best in people.
Sorry I should have liked after I replied haha, I was just liking because I really appreciated the gesture but I don't need help anymore, but thank you so much again anyways! :)

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