my brother might be moving away. :(

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just found out he's applying to work for the RAF. if he gets accepted, he may have to go and work all the way in afganistan

i'm really down about this at the moment- and if he leaves, it would be such a shock. he's like the only member of my family i'm closed to and i can tell stuff too, and i am just not sure how i'd cope with out him

he has an appointment at the careers office tomorrow, so i'll soon know the outcome


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I'm the brother that went away. When I was 17 I joined the Army. Things weren't bad at home, just not what I wanted. I know my brother went through a lot of crap after I left. My parents divorced when I was away. I feel bad for not being there for him more during all of that, but my leaving wasn't about him or them. It was about my need to live my life.

Every now and then I'd write him a letter(yep snail mail) or he'd write one to me. He came to see me a few times. Some of his first chances to be away from home.

My brother and I have a pretty good relationship 20 some years later. I got 4 emails from him just today.

It might be difficult but a lot of it might be on you to keep in touch with him. It's exciting being away from home for the first time, but its also very lonely. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you.

I hope this helps, I never know if anything I say ever helps anyone.
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