My brother, The Abyss

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    My brother, The Abyss

    Hello my brother, the Abyss
    The shadows here taste bittersweet
    Like forbidden fruit

    The sky, when glimpsed through black haze
    Is a dull grey, my thoughts becoming a jumbled maze
    I blow it a kiss, expressing affection
    For it’s deep nothingness

    My decaying limbs are stretched
    Across a bed of nails
    I revel in the pain
    Because it means I exist
    To endure the blame
    I deserve, forever

    I glimpse the moon
    Somehow visible here
    In forgotten eternity
    I raise my neck, and cackle
    Like a demented witch

    Black liquid surges from my mouth
    A boiling substance
    That was once my mind, my sanity
    This has deserted me too

    I may be alone forever
    But you will not desert me
    My brother, the Abyss
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.