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    My brother moving out next month i'm so freaking happy ( is that rude to say that?) he pays half the rent but that it. I feel like i'm his mom cause I got to clean up everything of his. or I tell him hey if you are bring ppl over let me know first and he never tells me. I love my older brother but I just can't stand living with him anymore. He never pick up his mess and I don't want to deal with bugs at all. I miss living by myself where I could do anything I want to. And when I ask him to clean up his room (I got a one bedroom because it was just me and my brother had nowhere to go so I took him in. so I sleep on couch in the living room while my brother sleeps in the bedroom) he gets all mad and then we fight. i'm so fucking tired of this shit. I talk to my mom and she said that she wants us to live together so we can look after each other, BUT I keep telling her what happen and just tell me well your family. My mom also think that when my brother moves out that I wont be able to afford my apartment and I keep telling her That I can. I'm tired of fighting with him, I'm tired of all the name calling, I'M tired being put down by my fucking family. I though family got your back no matter what I guess not. I told my mom I do anything I have to do to keep my place i'm NOT moving back with my family no matter what happens. Just one more month and it better hurry up.
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    Hi Dannie

    It's natural for your mom to want to keep her kids safe and she probably thinks if ye are together that ye are safe. You shouldn't have to put up with his crap of name calling and not tidying up after himself, he's big and bold enough to do that himself. I think you should kick him out now if it's entirely your apartment,you do not deserve to put up with that crap just because he is family. Best of luck Hun x
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    I can't kick him out even after all the crap I deal with. Maybe I'm just weak at the knees or something, but I just can't do that because he still family. The best thing is to just deal with it until he moves out.