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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday

    to my older brother

    Frank Dewayne Sheets...

    He would have been 49 years old today but on December 1, 2008 he was murdered by his wife.

    She is still here. She is still Free, never arrested, never convicted.

    She still has her life and her freedom while i am without my brother and without justice.

    today is going to be hard for me, because each and every year on his birthday i would call him and tell him how much i loved him, missed him, and would wish him a happy birthday by singing happy birthday to him.

    so happy birthday my dear brother, give mom a kiss for me in heaven.

    i love you and will think of you always.

    your loving sister whitedove ( aka Susan )
  2. total eclipse

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    Life can be so dam unfair i know how that feels i am sorry for the loss of your brother I lost mine last October and yes his wife killed him to it was reported yet she walks around free. I hope you have support around you today and i hope you have had some kind of councilling for your grief it does help.
  3. Shadowlands

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    *hugs Susan*
  4. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    :hug: :hug: Susan!

    This day must be awfully hard for you,know that you aren't alone.
  5. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    hey, guys,

    thanks so much for your replies.

    i made it through yesterday, and i just miss him so much.

    you know the last time i seen him was when i had went to florida to visit and we went to horseshoe beach and at night as the tide was rolling in/out whatever it is called when the water goes out and you can walk way out in the ocean floor and see crabs and all, well me my brother and his son in law walked all the way out to those oyster beds, or was it clam beds? anyhow.. that was the last time i spent with him. that was the last place i spent time with him..

    that is going to be the place i die also...

    i know i have talked about it before but i am beyond the talking about it now to the actually doing part..

    yeah, there will not be a date nor time given, it will just happen.. when i want it to happen without any interference from anyone or anything.

    You know for a long time i wished and wanted mr and mrs D. to care and for a long time i was blind and stupid to even think that they did care. fact is the truth hurts some time and the truth is that their love and care and concern was nothing more then a fact, a lie..

    same goes with people i have come to know, like at the church i attend, they dont care, never cared.. and i been so blind and stupid to think they do, heck the minister called the other day said he thinks a lot of me and dad, you wanna know the truth? he dont, they never do..

    and my younger brother and his wife.? think they care? wrong again.. if they had cared so much then they never would have made me look like an idiot or fool for making plans for the funeral of my older brother, said that they would be there, yeah go ahead make the plans, niece will sing at it, etc.. yeah right/// like a dummy i did and was made a fool of..

    well i tell you one thing.. my name might be placed in this loved and lost area and it might not but i could care less as i know the truth. i know how much i am unloved..

    and all the pretending and all will not chance that now.. heck no.. cause i know what the truth is now...
  6. Mormmy

    Mormmy New Member

    don't go.

    My beautiful, gentle 17 year old brother couldn't handle his broken heart (he had just broken up with his girlfriend) and hung himself 2 months ago.

    I know you feel s***. I know you're angry. The world may kick us when we're down, it may be unfair, cruel, but honey, the world needs you in it. Simple as that.

    I too wonder why we even bother, if things like this happen.. if things out of our control can screw up our lives like this.. but if we don't experience the depths of despair, how can we ever truly appreciate the heights of happiness. It's out there babe. Happiness. Just waiting for you lift your chin, walk past the people who would keep you down, and you go grab it despite them.

    I miss my brother so much. They would want us to survive, to be happy.
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  7. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    thank you for that kind reply..
    it's been quite a while now and i still miss him
  8. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for your loss ...what a tragedy....
    but don't hurt yourself....your brother wouldn't want you to lose your life too.
    stay and fight.....what will happen to our dad if you go?
  9. ballinluig

    ballinluig Well-Known Member

    bless you susan

    my brother too was killed in a rta 15 years ago. it was the worst day of my life. he was 26 and had been married only 5 weeks. it was ironic, that day he died his wedding photo and write up was in our local paper.

    the thing that made it even worse was 2 weeks later i found out i was pregnant, how could i love and embrace the pregnancy when Robin had been killed?

    i never had councilling and tell my psyc that all of my problems started that day.

    we now have 3 sons and i made a book up of all the photos i could find and paperclippings for them to know Robin. He last words he said was when he came up to my house, got off his motor bike and said "he's a fat little fu**er"refering to my 1st son!

    WE never forget Robin but we have to learn to live without them, and thats so hard.

    Happy Birthday to all our bro's god bless donnaxx