My brother!

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I PMed somebody on a forum, and they started a thread.

This is what I quoted/said.

Not only does he have dysfunctional posting abilities, but a dysfunctional memory as well.

"When we were interested in Game Maker, you brought up HelixC."

False.* I left it open on our dear old father's Mac computer, and you made an account.* The latter however, "And told me to join," is probably true, but it was without a doubt an attempt at sarcasm.

I don't even fit in there, why would you, my little baby brother, fit in.
That is false. Dont start your lies. Dont troll.


Nobody likes me here. not even my brother, and how does that feel, when this is the only place I can contact you, and you are mean to me even there, I thought you are supposed to be nice to me...


It is not fair to me, or to anybody else who knows me.

I searched it up on the internet, because I THOUGHT you wanted me to join. And then ALL of the HATERS come in, trolling me to calling mercy. Creating that ATTN: HelixC video, while I was mad.

After Dad looked up my username, he found that video, and started giving me a huge punishment.

You dont know how it feels to be HATED, TROLLED, LIED TO, and most of all, HAVING NO FRIENDS.

We should be cool now.

ON the other hand: Ethan, No. If you keep doing that, lets just say..... JUST NO!*
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