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My brother!

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by x86cam, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. x86cam

    x86cam Member

    I PMed somebody on a forum, and they started a thread.

    This is what I quoted/said.

    That is false. Dont start your lies. Dont troll.

    HOW DO I FIT IN?!?!?

    Nobody likes me here. not even my brother, and how does that feel, when this is the only place I can contact you, and you are mean to me even there, I thought you are supposed to be nice to me...


    It is not fair to me, or to anybody else who knows me.

    I searched it up on the internet, because I THOUGHT you wanted me to join. And then ALL of the HATERS come in, trolling me to calling mercy. Creating that ATTN: HelixC video, while I was mad.

    After Dad looked up my username, he found that video, and started giving me a huge punishment.

    You dont know how it feels to be HATED, TROLLED, LIED TO, and most of all, HAVING NO FRIENDS.

    We should be cool now.

    ON the other hand: Ethan, No. If you keep doing that, lets just say..... JUST NO!*
  2. x86cam

    x86cam Member

    I need help!
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