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My bully said...

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that his mailbox is constantly getting driven over. He said that he sat in his car with a gun.

I guess, I should be happy that a few are on my side.

This was 10 years and I forgot till now. I should memo that somewhere. I had three students come up to me to complain about his racism.

I forget that there are witnesses that side with me.

Ironically, I think my teacher thinks that I've been gossiping and driving over his mailbox. One day, he was all pissed and yelled,"I'm not racist." I have not been the ones. You can't kill witnesses.
Bully's notes ( I get notes stuck in my desk at school):
- When u look right, I'm there, when u look left, I'm there, when u turnt around I'm there, when u run I'm gonna be waiting for you, with my pistoll, that's gonna end your usless litle life.
- It's so amusing to se someone that hardly anyone would care about, sitting in our class.
- Next morning look for me, by your front door, I' will be there, waiting for you, with a chainsaw.
- I'm better then you will ever be.
... and so on... so on... I could start with rasit notes, but I don't think there would be eough space...
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