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    Well, my neighbor told all the high school students on the back of the bus I was bi sexual. I'm actually really open about who I am, because I personally thought that maybe people wouldn't target me because I'm only bi..but apparently its just as serious..
    When I got on the bus after school today, I got tripped. Then when I got to my seat this girl was pressuring me, asking me all these questions and laughing at me. She kept telling me how gross I was, then started to say I was hitting on her and it was disgusting. I wanted to cry so bad. I'm not sure, what exactly to do. I school is against LGBT community..I talked about this in my Day of Silence thread, and the school is fully against things like GSA and I mean I can't go to them, they would probably just get upset at me.

    I don't want to get bullied for this..I have enough reasons to be bullied..I just want ONE thing I can be open and proud about, not shoved in the fucking corner. I can't even tell my own father. When he heard my friend was bi, he refused me to ever see my friend outside of school... Can I never be honest?
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    ...Seriously, people are making a big deal out of something like that?
    I guess it is highschool, yes?
    Once you've left highschool- it won't be a problem anymore.
    Kids are just bastards and find all sorts of things to bully people about. You should never be ashamed of who you are; and it's not like you're flaunting it--- I guess that the only comforting thing I can tell you is that things will change eventually.

    I can pretty much guarantee that about 1/3 of your classmates are gay or bi and just haven't come out about it because they don't realize it yet or they're just scared of people finding out that they're 'different' and teasing them for it.

    They're being immature. I'm sorry you've got to go through with all of the torment-- but in all honesty; I'm sure you know... if they weren't teasing you about that- they would just find something else to be jerks to you about.
    I'm sorry... I'm not much help. I was one of the kids who got the crap kicked out of them daily... so...
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    As a homosexual, I think that the treatment of bisexuals by both the gay community and the rest of the community is terrible. I have heard many gay people express hateful sentiments about bisexuals.

    They are wrong. Nobody deserves to be treated that way.
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    :hug: shelbi

    no one deserves to be treated like that. everyone deserves respect for who they are as a person. everyone should be cherished for being their own individual. and until this world does just that, things will continue to, for lack of a better word, suck for the people society deems outside the norm. its not fair, and its not right, and if we keep working, we can change it one day.

    i know what its like hon, to some extent. im bi too, but i can never tell my parents bc they have told my brothers and i if we are gay, or are anything but straight, they dont want to know, etc. so much for catholics being loving and accepting. i never accepted who i was in high school, didnt come to terms with it until college, but i wont come out with it even now. there are a few people who understand, but for the most part its still like you have described. hang in there hon :hug: