my car is totaled

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it was from flooding, not a serious accident thankfully. or not, id rather my car be totaled by a real accident instead of some bullshit like this. looking fine but sitting on top of a tow truck.

and insurance called and officially declared it a total loss, thanks mom for assuming i was just dramatizing


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:hug: This is an accident of a different kind, but equally upsetting to you, I'm sure. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. In a way, while it's upsetting that your mom didn't accept your own assessment of the situation at first, you now have this incident as evidence that you do know what you're talking about. Perhaps in future, she will be more supportive of you. :hug:
yeah that has only happened 15000 times and still not seeing it

on the bright side the insurance company gave us almost 11K minus deductible for it, so not too bad. thats what i was looking for. i told my dad to make sure they dont rip us off and that anything like 10-11K was fine
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