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My Car Transmission Mount and a Life Challenge

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Righteous, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Whats up guys. Alright check it out. I just got my transmission fixed Monday right. But my mechanic said that my transmission mount is kind of wore out but it is ok as long as I don't drive too fast or hit the gas pedal too hard.

    Now the problem is that it took me two weeks to save up enough money to get the transmission fixed. I got a used transmission at a salvage yard for $270 and my friend put it in for $200, so I got a good deal. I live in my city parks(This is not a problem, I'll explain why in another thread) so I don't have to worry about paying bills just in case an emergency happens such as this one. But u see it seems like if it ain't one thing its another. There's always something bad happening. My friend had to work all day long and early Monday morning until my friend put the transmission in since he was not familiar with Ford Mustang transmissions. He got through at around 6:00 am Monday morning which was enough time for me to get to work. Everything seemed to be going perfect until he said that I may need a new transmission mount. The cheapest transmission mount I've found so far for my 99 Ford Mustang is $56. I'm sure my mechanic won't charge me too much for me to put the mount on.

    I just hate when one problem is solved in life, u have to face another one. I had to spend a great portion of my savings to get the transmission put in. I was off work all of last week since it was Spring Break and I am a school bus driver which means that I won't be getting a paycheck this week. To make things worse,when I went to the unemployment office last Monday, they said since this was my first time filing for unemployment I had to go through something which I believe was called a "One Week Waiting Period". I didn't mind this at first since I was under the impression that I would receive an unemployment check the 2nd week after Spring Break. But no, they said since Spring Break was considered the "waiting week" and I was going back to work after Spring Break I don't get an umployment check at all. All this means is that I completed the waiting period. Ain't that a load of shit? I was so disappointed that I forgot to call the umployment hotline Sunday to officially complete the umployment claim. I seriously hope that this doesn't make things more difficult to get my unemployment money this summer. I mean I certainly would have remembered to call the unemployment hotline if I was actually going to receive some money. It would be so nice if they actually taught a necessary issue like this in high school.

    The guy I had to do my taxes finished my taxes around Tuesday or Wednesday of last week and that my money might be in by the end of this week since I got it deposited into my bank account.

    Now my questions to you guys is 1) Do u guys think it is safe for me to drive around for at least until the end of this month with a transmission mount that is not in the best condition? The park I normally stay in is about 10 miles away from my job. I mostly drive back and forth from work. I only drive at 55 miles per hour on the freeway and I cruise around the city streets since that is where I will have a greater chance of hitting a bump. I have not noticed any problems with the car. It drives fine. What would be some signs that the transmission mount is completely worn out?

    2) Do u guys feel that I may be better off parking the car down the street from my job in a empty parking lot close by a hotel until I get the money to put a new transmission mount on? This way I will only have a 3 minute drive to work. With such a short drive, I shouldn't do any damage to the transmission mount or the transmission itself. Or I could just walk to work which would 100% guarantee nothing bad happens to my car. I'll just watch my portable DVD player and get on my laptop to make time flow more smoothly(Actually, I do this anyway since I live in a park)

    I live a life of spiritual peace so I'm not letting this issue bother me. But its just that I know that the demon world will keep on trying to creating a bad situation for me in order to get me to turn against God and become a evil person. If the government was fair and honest and truly lived in a way to please God, money would be fairly distributed to every citizen who deserves it and not just have it to where a small percent of the population controls a majority of the wealth. I'm not saying everyone should be rich, I'm just saying that there should not be people having to struggle and there definitely should not be any poor people. The demon world also knows that if my car breaks down in an inconvenient location before I get my next paycheck, I may get to thinking about suicide. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that suicide will send a person to hell, I just don't want nobody I know to get their feelings hurt or disturbed. Its bad enough that I don't have any family members to get help from financially. I don't mind having to live in a park, all that I ask is that I can keep my car running, and keep building my savings up.

    I'm going to end this post with a prayer: "God please help me and everyone else on this web-site get through these troubling problems that this evil world has dealt us"
  2. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Or get to the nearest thrift store and by a bike. Save you gas money too! And then should anything else some up with the car in the future you still have a mode of transportation. Thanks for the prayer and best of luck to you.
  3. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    OK, the adventure is almost over. Good News: I received my income tax money and I found a transmission shop that can repair my transmission mount for $60.

    Bad News: I have to wait until Monday because they are too busy today and by the time they are available, I will be off break and have to go to work. Also, they are not open on Saturdays.

    God, I am hoping u can get me through this weekend or however long it will take to get this transmission mount fixed. The thought of my current mount going bad at the same time I find a good deal may cause me to have some troubling thoughts.
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