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my cat might be dying

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He is basically the only thing I look forward to seeing when I am at home. I can't imagine my house without him. He is really sick right now and my parents keep saying that he might not make it. I would really miss him if I didn't get to see him anymore. He has been my pet for so long. He's fourteen years old though. So I guess he doesn't have that much life left in him. I am the one that cares about him the most. I wish he wouldn't die, especially now. But it's not looking good. Here's a picture when he was healthy.



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Aww he looks so cute! I hope he gets well soon.. I know what it's like to be so attached to a little kitty.. I don't know what I'd do without my little furrball either. How are you and the kitty doing now? I'm thinking of you and sending healing vibes to him :arms:


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I know how awful it feels to give your heart and soul to a creature whose life span is all too short.:sad: Even so, I'll gladly give them my love as long as they're here with me. I'm sending loving thoughts to you and kitty.:smile:

love and hugs,



Even though you are emotionally connected to your beloved cat ( as I love my own ) if the vet's prognosis is that your cat is terminal, please don't prolong its suffering by delaying euthanasia. If the poor dear is in pain with no chance of recovering, sooner is better than later.

My last cat that I had put down was a stray, a shorthaired grey male, a beautiful specimen, large, muscular..and with a sweet disposition. He developed a cancer of his mouth and tongue ( so sad! ) and he couldn't eat or drink. He was starving to death and yet he still came to me for comfort ( here come my tears, again ). I loved him but I couldn't stand to see him suffer any longer so with much emotion I took him to my vet and she very gently put him to sleep.

He's buried in my backyard now with my other departed loved ones.
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Aww hun, I am so sorry. Have you taken him yo the vets? if not I would because what you are saying doesn't sound well. I will pray for you and you your lil fuzzy man. :hug: I know it can be hard, it always was for me, because it's like losing a big part of your family. (yes... I know some of you will read this and say/think, oh it's a animal, she's crazy, but oh well lol)

I'm here if you ever wanna talk, it seems we keep missing eachother on MSN, I'll be away and you'll message me and I will get back and get ready to answer then see you are offline.. :ohmy: :laugh:

:hug: :hug: :hug: give :cat: a :hug: for me! :) :hug:
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