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    I've come to the conclusion that I'm completely unworthy of any help and support, hence I will do what I can to help people, and get others to help said people instead of me. It's all I have left, and last night proved it. I only didn't end up in hospital because I saw someone else's post and chose to write (a rather crap and probably quite unhelpful) reply to it instead.

    Heh, look at me. A site buddy who can't help others in any way. I wrote only 4 replies to the new posts today - 4 out of nearly a hundred posts, and none of them were any good. I can only write about myself, and even then it's without much sucess - the one time I managed to explain how I felt, no-one replied and I probably triggered most of the people who read it.

    Even now I can't explain how I feel. I don't even know if I feel. If I can't even explain that without hurting people, how can I ever get help? If I can't do that one little bit of work towards help, do I deserve it? Probably not. I deserve this pain, these memories.
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    Sammie :hug: I feel exactly the same way, I feel I'm useless on the forum and can't help anyone which is part of the reason why I went On Leave a few weeks ago and the break can help. I can also understand where you're coming from about helping people instead of getting the help yourself, I tend to do that a lot and anyway I do understand your post and can empathise.

    Let me tell you now that your support doesn't go unnoticed and you DO help people. A week or so ago when I was feeling really crap and you were texting me etc the texts DID help, your kind words meant a lot to me and I'm really grateful for it and I'm grateful that I know such a lovely person as you. You do deserve the support, and I'm here for you anytime. :hug:
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    Thanks hunny :hug: