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my cuzin hates me and it HURTS SO BAD!!!

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Ok here's the story. Now there r these 2 beautiful girls that i'm related to (they're twins but don't look alike, u can easily tell them apart). Im not related 2 them by blood, just by marriage. My brother married there aunt, and idk wat that makes us but we just consider each other cousins cause its easier (even tho we aren't even close to cousins). Im 2 and 1/2 years older then they r, im a senior and in HS and they're Freshman (if it matters)

Well a few weeks ago, I was talkin 2 1 of them and our friend (my best friend, also the girl i like) about killing myself and about no1 caring about me. She (my cuz) said she cared about me but i didn't believe her and she got mad @ me. she ended up saying not 2 talk 2 her and that I annoy her and a bunch of other stuff. Well since then she hasn't been really talking 2 me, she really won't even look @ me

This is depressing me cuz i really love her alot and 4 her 2 hate me is hard 2 deal with. Idk wat 2 do ive been giving her her space and wen I finally came 2 her she was still the same.

There is of course another explanation. Maybe she really does love me and it hurts her 2 hear me say these things and she can't take it.....Idk apart of me says she still loves me but its just hard 2 believe

My other cuz (her twin) isn't mad @ me, she talks 2 me and everything but I feel like ive wronged her 2 cuz I talked the same way 2 her a few times about no1 caring and everything.

Idk either way wat do i do??? I was thinkin about sending her a myspace message since she won't talk 2 me any other way and just getting everything out there but if i was 2 do this wat would i say???

PLZ HELP :sad:



the fact that your cousins care so much and one of them is sorely bothered by your statement means a great deal. If I were you, I'd try and rectify the situation by talking to both of them about how you feel. Perhaps being more open and considerate to your cousins will allow you to see that not only do they love you, but are also concerned about your safety.

your cousin that isnt speaking to you may be shocked at your reaction to her feelings. a hug and a sit down to discuss the problem could fix the situation

thats my two cents, hope it helps.
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