My dad and I fought..

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    My dad and I fought because his mom is really mean to my mom and her children (twice married, because her ex was a rapist...) and my dad is adopted, so I said "She's not my nan" because she's mean and today she nearly made my sister feel so bad that she wanted to drop out of college and go work at a super market.. so my dad said back "Then I'm not your father" like he disowned me.. and he doesn't ever do anything about his "mom".. If it were my mom I'd tell her, plain out, "You're being a b*tch, shut up" but he won't because she has money..I hate money just tears families apart..=.=
  2. Speedy

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    Just sending hugs to you and thinking the best for you.. for support.. :hug:
  3. Sadeyes

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    This is so sad,and shows what someone is willing to do for secondary gains...please know it is their problem and you did not deserve it...J
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    Sorry to hear Ana :/... He probably just got upset. My family says stuff to me out of anger a lot they end up apologizing for the next day. Don't get to torn up about it. That mean lady really isn't your nan so just ignore that wicked old witch & maybe a house will fall on her. LOL sorry. Wizard of Oz pun intended for laughter there. :)