my dad died

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by _Lily_, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. _Lily_

    _Lily_ Forum Buddy

    My dad died this morning ...he killed himself shock at the moment
    Feel like i need to cut.
  2. tudor_77

    tudor_77 Member

    Hi DarkAsylum, so very sorry for your loss. I understand exactly how you feel having gone through the same thing a few years ago myself. Hope you feel better soon!
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    so full of shock pain god hun you get some help for you okay talk to your doctor soon hun i am sorry you lost your father to suicide i know hun it hurts like hell i know you hang on okay you keep reaching out for help for you hugs
  4. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni


    May your father rest in peace.
  5. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry :(
    Be good to yourself. Big hugs to you :hugtackles:
  6. corryvreckan

    corryvreckan Well-Known Member

    So sorry for your loss DarkAsylum.:hugtackles:
  7. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    How awful...please let us know what we can do for you...and also know, you could not have done any more for deepest condolences
  8. allison

    allison Well-Known Member

    Oh dear... I am so sorry for your loss. I just wanna give you a great big hug.
  9. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    That's horrible. I hope you have support for your loss and take as much time as you need to sort this out.
  10. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry hun...take care of yourself **hugs**
  11. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist

    I am very sorry, no words can console.

    I hope you can feel the support from so many here. Please take care of you. :hug:
  12. Tea_at_Four

    Tea_at_Four Staff Alumni

    Oh, my dear... I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad to suicide four years ago. I'll be around if you want an ear to listen, or a shoulder.

    The shock can cause you to forget to take care of yourself while you are in grief, so I'm reminding you to eat, drink enough water, and rest yourself, even if you don't think you can sleep. Be kind to yourself.
  13. Isabel

    Isabel Staff Alumni

    So sorry to hear. reach for all the support you need hun.
  14. mlxjaded

    mlxjaded Well-Known Member

    I am terribly sorry to hear about your lose. See how you're feeling now? That's how someone will feel if you were to commit suicide. Would you ever wish that upon someone? Talk to us, talk to a professional- either way. Just let someone help. We're here for you. :hugtackles:
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