my dad has never really listened to me

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    and still doesn't hear me. I explained an automotive mechanical problem I was having and that I wasn't able to drive my car at all now due to it getting worse, and he replied by saying that my problem didn't sound all that complicated (it is) and that perhaps I should consult a mechanic to see how much it would cost to fix, rather than driving it in that condition. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already HAD consulted a mechanic - that's how I knew what is wrong!! That's what I fucking TOLD him. If he had actually READ my email!!!!!!!!!!! So I wrote him back saying that while I thought he was quite a genius in his field, I had finally found a subject in which I had more knowledge than he did. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! WHY DOESN'T HE HEAR ME??????? :mad::mad:

    Damn that pisses me off!! I cannot stand it when you tell someone very clearly what a problem involves and they just don't hear you and offer some useless advice, which also implies that you're a bit dense. He said I shouldn't drive it in that condition, but I had TOLD him that I WASN'T driving it in that condition. He told me that the condition (and he got it wrong) didn't sound too complicated, when I had TOLD him EXACTLY what the condition entailed! God that irritates me... and it's not the first time he's not "heard" me. :mad:

    I just had to let that out since I can't call him and say, "jeez you're stupid". That wouldn't be nice, but might be somewhat true.:dry:
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    Hey hun,
    I'm sorry you don't feel heard. It's an awful feeling to you feel, knowing that someone can't even be bothered to sit down and listen for a couple minutes. My father's never listened really to me or heard me either, the couple times he did he blew me off, so I can imagine the hurt and frustration you are feeling. I'm so sorry. You aren't alone, if you ever need to talk or someone to listen, please know I'm here if you need me. Also, I hope you can figure something out for your car. Hang in there, and take care. Sending you best wishes and hugs. :hug:
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    Oh Lord it sounds just like my dad, tho he does have the excuse of being rather deaf :laugh:
    Even so sometimes I wonder why the hell I bother.
    Even worse is my expert son who never actually does anything :dry: He will wander into the kitchen and decide to tell me how to cook something I've been doing for the last 20 odd years :laugh: Best one is when he tells me that I really shouldnt be doing that given the amount of pain it causes me (vacuuming, climbing up on to anything, washing windows etc) and then wanders off leaving me to it. :mad:
  4. Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings (of which there are many!) :wink:

    "Those of you who think you know everything, are annoying those of us who do!"