My Dad Makes Me Want To..

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by cloudymemories, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. cloudymemories

    cloudymemories Active Member

    My dad is so god damn ANNOYING. HE will be the reason I kill myself!
  2. total eclipse

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    Just know hun soon you will be an adult and able to move out and make a life of your own you dad will not always be there You can move out and start living life your way soon enough
  3. cloudymemories

    cloudymemories Active Member

    I already am an adult. I'm 24 and when I had a job he took most of my paycheck and claimed it was for rent and he used it on other things. He's THE DEVIL. I was waiting until the end of July to kill myself for personal reasons but it's TERRIBLY hard not to do it NOW. I don't know how long I'll be able to put up with this. He's a creep!!!
  4. cloudymemories

    cloudymemories Active Member

    He's a controlling, manipulative and CREEPY snake. I HATE my father.
  5. cloudymemories

    cloudymemories Active Member

    I wish I was never born. I wanna fucking DIE!!!!
  6. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Hey dont let ur dad win. Ur killing urself because of him is allowing him to win. Always can take ur paycheck elsewhere and move elsewhere n not have him around.
  7. Wereghost

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    I hate my father as well. He's abusive, childish, ignorant, and borderline psychotic.
  8. My dad makes me want to kill myself. He's an abusive drunk. The clearest memory I have of him is when my stepmom didn't do the laundry the way he wanted so he wrote out instructions, put them on the wall and drove a knife completely through it. I was five and I watched him the entire time. I stopped coming to his house last year after I convinced my mom that I wasn't just being lazy or pretending so I could get out of the constant driving back and forth to different cities every weekend. He keeps showing up. He'll drive past my house constantly and if I'm outside, he'll stop and try to talk to me, telling me that he's changed. No one changes who they've been their whole lives. Its ridiculous. I know he hasn't changed because I can smell the liquor on his breath when he gets close enough to me. I need to get away from him forever but it will be a very long time until I'm an adult and can leave this entire fucking state. I doubt I'll live long enough to be old enough to leave anyways.