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Practical Advice My dad something food anxiety


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My dad always complains that I don't eat everything but I tried my best

Last time last week I tried my very best!! and then he said lots of negative things saying I only ate half of the hamburger and that it's a waste.

Cursssseeees curss my eating disorder or anxiety or whatever..

My mom told my dad to take me out to lunch and then my dad came back and ate something and then he told my mom it's cuz I'd only eat half a hamburger at a restaurant and it embarrasses him..

but last time I really was trying my best to eat it all.. and back then when I did and he said I only ate half of it, I took the bun off and said the bun is huge I actually ate over half of it, but my dad said "what? They put something on your hamburger you didn't want?" but that is not what I said.

I feel so bad.... My dad is sitting there on the couch.. my stomach's pulsing.. or something in my body is.. he keeps telling me and my mom to microwave spaghetti, the past 3 days.. I feel so bad..

((This really does mean I have to talk to my internet Sensei soon, the one that said they don't want to hear from me and are close to sueing me for harassment. They wrote on Twitter before that they have an eating disorder..! Me and them really are online family.. They're my online mom too, cuz again one time I said "Are you my mom?????" on a brand new alt account, and they blocked me. They didn't say "no I am not your online mom" and then block me, they just blocked me.. like I have to figure out what that means.. so maybe the blocking of me meant "OF COURSE I'm your internet mom and your my online son and I love you a lot, so why would you ask something so obvious?? I'm blocking you because of course I am your online mom and I love you a lot, so it's insulting of you to ask that."))

And now my dad said it's too nice outside to be inside

But I wanted to be outside eating a hamburger at a restaurant!! Only because my mom asked on the phone and he said he would take me out for lunch. But he came home and ate food without me and said it's because I would only eat half of a hamburger.. But I do try my best to eat a lot!!


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I'm not sure your parents should be trying to make you eat more than you need. That's clearly how eating disorders are created, right? Maybe you can try to order smaller portions - order a single burger with no sides, order just a side instead of a main dish like soup, salad, fruit or fries. Some places may also allow you to order from a kids menu even though you're not a kid.


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Burgers at restaurants are huge, it totally makes sense to me to only eat half of it. I think Walker has some good suggestions there. It's not really up to your parents how much you eat. (Though you did say the other day that you hadn't eaten for 2 days, so you should definitely try to eat *something* consistently)


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so maybe the blocking of me meant "OF COURSE I'm your internet mom and your my online son and I love you a lot, so why would you ask something so obvious?? I'm blocking you because of course I am your online mom and I love you a lot, so it's insulting of you to ask that."))
I know you want to think this, but no, blocking means they do not want to talk to you.
I'm sorry, I know this is hard for you to accept. *hug


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I think as long as you're not purposely starving yourself, eat as much you want, whenever you want. If they don't want things to go to waste, wrap up the rest of your food for later and put it in the fridge. Or I sometimes just leave mine in the microwave if I know I'm going to come back to it several hours later. You can invest in one of those vaccum sealers for leftover food that don't let any air in whatsoever and the food lasts a long time.
Sorry that you're going through this ShyGuy

I'm confused by the practical advice tag being on this in the E&C forum. Can you clarify what kind of support you want?

I hope things can get better soon


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I wanted support with knowing how to talk to people.

One person (my mom) kept telling me to ask her if she'd like to hang out with them and she's the one that kept telling me to ask her multiple times if she'd like to hang out and said to not let that opportunity go by no matter what,

then my online friend I'll call cooldad, he told me "your mom's advice is awful" and told me to not spam the lady and to be more upfront and that I shouldn't keep mentioning to the lady that I'm nervous cuz it might make them nervous too or something.

and I've never been good at talking to people. Back when I had an irl friend at a local anime/manga shop and we spoke in messages, I always had my ex-toxic-best-friend-for-15-years write my messages for me, cuz he's better at writing than I am. I also had him write a lot of other things for me as well. And my older brother always makes fun of me. And my Nephew literally told me today that their mom, my brother's ex-girlfriend, always calls me and my mom a retard and that she thinks we're dumb. So I know I can't count on myself to come up with any original thoughts or decisions and I have to depend on others to tell me what I should do and say instead. So I just wanted support cuz I'm very bad at talking to people.

I guess I don't need support at this point now that I got some advice from ya guys. I'm glad the lady responded. Although my mom and me wonder what she means by she's not sure if she'll be able to hang out after she gets a tattoo tomorrow (my mom said its not like it makes you sleepy or hurts a lot.) But that's ok.

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