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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Plmokn, Aug 14, 2014.

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  1. Plmokn

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    My dad is such and ass. Every time he recommends something I don't want to do (like a sport of lifestyle choices) I try to say I don't want to do it and voice my own opinion but it only ends with me getting told off and screamed at. I have a strong feeling me dad has anger management since most of the time he is in a grumpy mood and has no reason to be in one. Every time it try to voice my opinion he just screams his head off damn I can't even wear jeans or trousers in front of him without being screamed at. My mum can't do anything cause if there is an argument my dad always wins. after a rant I feel depressed and alone with only my mum to support me because she listens to me. Once I was so pissed and so depressed I nearly jumped to my death the only one who stopped me from jumping was my mum. Please help me.
    Sorry for such a long post
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    Welcome to the forum. Parents are difficult especially when you live under their roof. Ok, it's the case of my way or the highway. It's seems there is no room for negotiate with your father. Just be supportive of your mother. If you did do anything, your mum would be really be heart broken. You are young but until you can finance or move away, you need to find a comprise with your father. You mother is very supportive and that relationship is always going to be there. No need to get depressed but perhaps do something with mum instead. You are young and you have the whole of life to live. No need to worry about anything. You father seems to be a tough person but there must have been something in the past you would stuff together.

    By the way, there is no need to be sorry for the long post, as it's not, it's good that you are posting here as it will help you in your anguish. Please keep posting for support and care. You are not alone but among people who understand. Keep posting here and take care.
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