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arggggh i hate this home... Do you know what my dad said an hour ago? ''you can do nothing, you will turn out at nothing!!'' ''you will never make it, NEVER!!'' And I really did nothing to make him angry, yeah we were in a fight, because I had to do some english homework. And i asked my MAM if she could check it.. But my mam was busy so he did it. He said: ''this is so really nothing, you didnt spend any time on it!'' But i really spent 1.5 hours on it...
I HATE HIM. He's always shouthing, he always lose his temper. Always at ME, my little sister is always doing the things right, yeah sure!
School is hard for me and i have to work hard. I know i work not always the best i can... But that's impossible. I'm doing my best most of the time! And when he's always saying: stop it, you cant do it, you're a loser. That hurts!!
he always want to hurt me:sad:
And i feel terrible at the moment... I have to do homework but I can't... I wanna sleep but I can't.... I wanna cut but I am not able...
school is so fucking stupid
Well,, i'm gonna try to read my book for school...
thanx for posting...


Im sorry your having a hard time with your dad right now. I know how that can be. He has no right to make you feel like crap. Have you told him how he makes you feel when he does this? Have you told anyone that he does this?
Not knowing your father I cannot really say anything.

To me it seems either
1) He just wants you to succeed and is using the same stupid motivational techniques used on me at school of "your are going to fail" and using that as an attempt to make you work harder.


2) He hates the fact your smarter than him and is trying to put you down.


3) He is under some kind of stress that is making him put down his offspring

Like I said though, what do I know? What I would do is just nod and agree with what he says and try to understand why he is lashing out and then make a plan based on that.

All of post above is useless in my opinion as I do not know enough about the environment, I just hope things get better for you and remember your father is given to you by fate and you only get one.
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jane doe

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jjustme you need to be stronger than him, it doesn´t matter what he says, you need to think about what´s better for you. Sometimes parents are wrong, sometimes they aren´t, but you need to stand when they want you to fall, you need to get the glory when they want you to fail, you need to reach your dreams, even when people thinks your dreams are bullshit, hang in there hun. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm really sorry to hear your dad's behaving this way, for whatever reason. I know how demoralising it is and how it wears away at you when you're being put down all the time.

You have to remind yourself that he is wrong. I know that doesn't stop it hurting when he says things like "you're a failure", but the most important thing is not to let him make you lose sight of what a great person you are in reality.

Does your mum talk about you the same way as your dad does, or is she more supportive?

Keep posting on here, you have all of our support :smile:.



Thanx everybody :smile:

@Shellz: Yes he knows that he hurts me when he's talking like that... But that does he want when he's angry... He wants to hurt. And no I don't tell anyone that he's shouting that much and that things to me,, my psych knows he always lose his temper, because my dad had that psych too a time ago... Thanx:hug:

@ Ghosted: All that things are right in such a way... (I think) I think he wants the best for me sometimes, and when i don't get the results he want, he becomes angry at me, cause he wants that i have high results.
ehh i'm doing a higher school level then him, that's right:P... I dont know if he's angry about that fact.
he's under stress,, that's a fact. he's using antidepressivia for a LONG time.. I think (i'm 16) whole my life... But i don't think that should be a reason for lose his temper at ME when i'm doing something he doesnt like...
It's not useless, thank you very much:hug:

@Jane: Thank you soo much for supporting me!!:smile: :hug:

@Nobody: I know he's wrong when he says that.. he shouldn't do... No my mother don't talk that way. But the difference is.. my father is always like that, he's always angry, I know there's no way he will ever understand me, ever support me... But my mother, is sometimes extremely kind... And sometimes her behaviour is like a bitch... Like: ooh come on, you don't have to cut, i'll help you:smile: And an hour later: your a sick mind! go to that psych! your always overreacting, you make me crazy!!
And tháts something else my father always does... he always say: look what you're doing to your mum! That's not fair, you shouldn't do this!
But I can't... I can't hide my real feelings all day long... at home I have to be who I am... They don't accept that.. That's a reason i'm most of the day sitting in my room... Thank youu:hug:
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