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    Hi, i have a problem with my dad. He always wants me to be perfect. Whenever I do something new he expects me to do it correct without the slightest mistake and when I accedently do something wrong or stupid he immediately shouts at me. I once dropped a bottle of juice because it was slippery he was so angry and... he was shouting at me. I hate to get into trouble and it nearly kills me inside everytime my parents shout at me. They don't do it all the time but whenever something goes wrong at home my dad shouts at me and makes me feel silly and stupid and not worth to be his daughter or sometimes even living. It hurts so much!
    And when he's in a bad mood he shouts at me for every little thing that doesn't suit him.
    And when he helps me with my homework when I don't understand something I have to understand it right away when he explains it otherwise he'll shout at me. He hasen't got any patience with me.
    Everytime he shouts at me I feel like crying, running away from him and dying inside.
    He doesn't know how I feel when he shouts at me. He usually is the father everyone wants, he plays with us, helps us, cooks for us and, and, and... But I'm not allowed to do something wrong. Otherwise he'll shout again. I love him and hate him at the same time.
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    it sounds like your dad is using a bad way to communicate with you. i'm sure he wouldn't like to be shouted at, either. no one does. when you want to communicate something to something, you need to be calm and cooperative if you want to get anywhere, i think. i sometimes have the same issue with my brother. he thinks he needs to yell at me, but all he has to do is ask me.
    i think your dad needs to understand that shouting does not work with you, and that you are the way you are. some people just think that shouting is the most effective way to communicate, and if it doesn't work, they're not being scary enough. this is not true.
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    That sounds a lot like how my father treats me. It seems that everything I do isn't good enough for him. My father makes a big deal out of the little things and makes me feel badly.

    Like today for instance. My car was a little less than half full of gas. Then he decided to drive my car and noticed the gas tank. He was mad at me because I didn't fill up the tank since it's less than half full. He's like "Oh, why are you being like everyone else waiting for the gas tank to be empty?" This is so silly. Why is he making a big deal of this? He is making a big deal out of everything that shouldn't be.

    And he always thinks he’s right. When I try to reason with him, my thoughts don’t matter to him. Even when I give valid reasons, he still thinks I'm wrong.

    Like this one time when I was at my cousin's home. I asked him if I could watch a movie in his bedroom and my cousin said it was fine. I watched for like 10 minutes. Then my father came in and was mad at me and kicked me out of the room! Now wait a minute. What right does my father have to kick me out of the room? It wasn't even his bedroom! Nor was it even his house! I even asked for permission, and my cousin said it was OK! Yet I tried reasoning with him, and guess what? I lose because he thinks he's always right.

    Do you see how my father makes a big deal out of the little things? It's just ridiculous.
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    My dad isn't a bad person and also listens to me. When I'm right then he gives in but he loses his patiens so fast. He doesn't put any pressure on me but when something goes wrong he shouts at me. It's horrable.