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    When I think back I can remember that I wasn’t always this way. I started doing heroin six years ago. At first it was only something I did to pass the time between jobs; I was working two at the time. Before long it turned into something that I started doing more and more. I remember that it let me forget everything else that was going on and that is what I really liked.

    My dad died when I was 19 years old. He was a pastor on a missionary trip in Africa. He caught Ebola there and he died because the CDC says anyone who catches it can’t come home. I can picture him now and I know he didn’t doubt his God, not for a moment. I wish I could feel that way.

    I started getting fucked up a lot more after that. I couldn’t hold any job anymore and so I just started selling shit that I had lying around. Now I’ve got nothing.
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    Oh my God. He went to africa and caught the deadly ebola virus? I like helping too, but not if it puts my life in danger. Anyone who catches ebola, has to be placed in quarrantine or else they risk spreading the disease to others. I'm sorry about the loss of your father. He sounds like he really believed in what he was doing and he really cared about helping others.
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    Such a terrible loss, and at 19, and the way it happened its just awful. Its completely understandable that such a horrible thing would make your addiction worse. Im pretty sure id end up the same way. Im sure your Dad loved you and is watching, hoping you can find your way to a better life. Given what youve already endured, and the strength you have surviving thus far, I for one am certain you can.