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    I want to ask for prayers for my dad. He seen Dr K. the other day and has to have surgery on him. He made dad's surgery for may 5, 2010. Not sure on the time yet but the office will call and let me know a day or two before the surgery. The place on dad's neck has to be removed. He did state that it would be a one day outpatient surgery. As with all surgeries, there is risks. Dad is 75 years old and he has to have a huge thing on his neck cut out which means a hug cut on him. I hear that Dr. K. is a great surgeon so that is good to know.

    May 5, in itself is a bad day for me. On May 5 1988 My older brother had pulled the plug on the machine that was keeping my mom alive and she passed about 5 minutes after the machine was stopped. I was not at the hospital at the time. I never got to say good-bye to her. We had the funeral on May 9, 1988 and it was on mothers day. Now i have fear that i may have to bury my dad on that exact same day. This is very hard on me. I have had hard things to go through before but this is really getting to me. so much that i am stressed so much. if he goes in and gets put to sleep and not wake up, i don't know how i will react.

    I did call his brother and the minister from Mayland A.W. But to me it seems like he does not care because we have been unable to be at church. He said he would like to see Frank and have a special prayer for him yet he can't take the time to come visit him I am sick. i can't go to church right now and will not go to church and risk infecting several of the old people who go there with my shingles. I also have a severe cold and have had a high fever for the past two days. A friend of mine online said i am more then likely worrying way too much and that with the stress is making me sick, i actually think i just caught a cold,etc..

    So i am asking you all to say a prayer for him. i don't know if God is going to take him May 5, or allow him to stay here longer. so in your prayers please ask that whatever God's will is to be. Thanks.

    Whitedove =

  2. total eclipse

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    I will make sure and pray all goes well for your father and for you too that you have support for that day
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