My Dad

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  1. Ouroboros

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    I thought I knew you, but now I’m not sure.
    Life made sense, but now we’re on detour.
    There’s so much anger, guilt and blame.
    My heart is torn, it feels aflame.

    You seem lost from my world.
    What you wanted has unfurled.
    You look so different from before.
    A stranger now, but I want more.

    I miss you, the way you were.
    Though my memories are a blur.
    They’re slipping from me far too fast.
    I want to hold on to that past.

    I’ve got to know you, all anew.
    Before my view had been askew.
    Inside I know you are the same.
    Even with a different name.

    I had thought that you had gone.
    But you had been there all along.
    I just did not really see.
    My Dad, you will always be.
  2. Julia-C

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    Nice poem. Thanks for sharing.
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