My Darling Sister. <3

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Amiie..x, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Amiie..x

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    ii Cant Believe Whats Happened In The Last Few Hours.. ii Cant Believe Your Gone.. ii Dont Get Why And Im Hurting Hurting Bad.. ii Need Answers ii Cant Get.. Whyyy You Was Fine A Few Hours Ago.. :'( You Was All ii Had My Big Sister And Now Your Gone Its Not Real Please.. ii Love You So Much.. ii Know We Was Hurting But ii Thought We Was Dealing With It Together.. :( Why Have You Left Me.. What Do ii Do Now.. :( ii Love You So Much..x
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    I am so sorry about your sister, this is heart breaking and has bought me to tears, a young member on here now gome out of the family. She will remain with you forever in your heart were here for you hun :hug:
    Doesn't this sort of stuff go in to news papers and everything your in England great, maybe try cruse bervemet care. They could help so sorry once again x
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  3. Amiie..x

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    ii Cant Get My Head Round It Im Trying To Though.. ii Miss Her Already And Its Onli Been A Few Hours.. ii Feel Lost.. Numb Infact.. ii Dont Know What To Do..x
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    Amie x

    I am so sorry about your sister I know you're trying to get your head around what she did. You have us for additional support
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    How are you amiie? :hugtackles: