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My date is approaching

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Deserves to die!!

My dates set. Its comming. You won't know im dead so it can't affect none of you!

The date is comming nearer and nearer. I am fucking sick of bein ghurt by this fucking place but i can't leave! it's my life line, but if im gonna die in 2 weeks it won't matter about not comming here would it!

A load of fucking bull shit by my own fucking family and the so called 'friends' on here. So fuck the world, fuck me and let me die because i am wether the people on here who HURT me give a shit or not! maybe im doing them a favor right?


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please don't. don't die. talk about it with someone. PM me and lets talk. I will be there if you want me to be. All the people here are supportive that I have talked with. Nobody is here to put the other person down. That is not their job to judge or riticule you. Take care.
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