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My daughter’s reaction

My 100 yr old neighbor was just brought out by ambulance. We have known her forever. My 25 year old daughter cried very hard at the thought of her demise (Not sure what her condition is). Could not help but think what destruction I would cause if I ever did anything to myself. The devastation, humiliation and embarrassment my family would suffer would be insurmountable.....just putting that out there....will just have to wait this life out I guess. Blessings to all.


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Some of us got a bad deal in life. Life is definitely not fair. Bad people thrive and good people die. It is a fact of life. I think the secret is to make life as good as you can with what you were given. I think for starters I need to do what I can for other people. Today I bought a quarter pounder meal at mcdonalds for my roommate and I. I brought it home and told him I bought mcdonalds for him. It made my day and didn't cost much. I think every time I get outside of myself I feel good. It would be hard if it wasn't appreciated but I think is still worth it. I find small pleasures in life, things I enjoy doing, and it makes life worth living.

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