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    for those who have read my post in the domestic abuse section you will see what i have been through and what my daughter has been subject to seeing. since i split with my ex and he has gone to prison my 17 month old daughter when she isnt getting her own way has started lashing out at me like he used to. Shes getting very trying. she hits. tries to break things and has bitten me a few times. she is a lovely child other then these out bursts which i think stem from what she has seen even though i thought she was too young to comprehend what was happening. i really am starting to struggle with her. i love her to bits but i just cant cope. day to day is fine its just when she lashes out. how can i show her this behaviour isnt right. i have tried the naughty step, ignoring it and smacking her hand or leg. nothing is working and its slowly getting worse. please help. i know this isnt a parenting site. i just dont have anywhere to turn
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    My daughter has developed a mean streak, and a health visitor gave me the suggestion of tell her off put her down walk away. If she follows, walk away again. When she starts playing and doing something good, go bck and join in with what she's doing, and praise her for being good. It might help her see that being naughty hasn't got her anything, but being good and nice has got you playing with her.

    Its slowly working for me.. it might help you.
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    Is there a counseling or social service agency that you can call for assistance? If you are in the US, Early Intervention Programs may also be able to help you..please keep us posted
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