My daughter....

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    Dear my daughter Anne-belle
    even though i got pregant with you through a rape of my exs doing... you were absolutely beautiful, i went through 15 hours of labor to you you were the best thing to me at that time you smiled at me at 2 months old and opened youre big blue eyes at 3 weeks, i called you lumina and you responded to it better that you're given name you're first chuckle at 3 months and you just learned momma days before you were shot to death by you're father and i cried as youre soul left you body four months old....How can anyone do this to any baby let alone you, i protected you with my life and im sorry i could protect you when you needed it the most and when i got the results back from a family friend who was a doctor i then knew that even then i could not even protect he abused you too, Sexually, What kind of monster does that to a four month old. i promise to name my next daughter LLumina in honor of you, and promise to keep her safe...
    I love you
    your momma
    Mabelle Hearts
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    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I really wish there was something I could say to help ease the pain, but just remember that she is watching over you. :smile: