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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by station, Mar 20, 2012.

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    hi folks, looking back, i think i can say i owe my life, at least in part, to a SS community like this one. i somehow managed to bumble my way through so many years of just crushing darkness, and with the support of the good people i was able to surround myself with, and the friends i was able to identify with online, i found a way out. it seemed like slowly at first, and then suddenly, i just became overwhelmed with gratefulness for everything around me, the good and the bad. and of course, i still have waves of depression from time to time, but i've learned not to let them destroy me, i just breathe them in, let them wash over me, and breathe them out, and i smile, and sometimes i even laugh out loud just a bit, because i have been absolutely defeated, in every sense of the word, and reduced to my lowest possible state, and now that i know that i can find my way back from the darkest place, all of the fear of losing control, just washes away ;)
    now that i have found a way to stand on my own, i hope that i can give back, even if just in a small way, to begin to repay the kindness that i was fortunate enough to receive when i needed it most. even though you are all strangers to me, that is my debt to you; to repay the kindness of strangers that once showed me a way to go on, when i could not see one through the darkness.
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    Hi nice to see you herr again in better health I do agree this place is one that truly cares REmember we are always here to support you hugs
  3. Welcome to the forum. You can always write out how you have overcome your troubles in the diary section in the forum, so that other members can read it and be inspired plus motivated to stand up and fight depression and you are showing them that there is still hope. Remember that no pain will last as long as it will.. And even when things are going wrong, it is possible to remain strong..
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