My Debt

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  1. Almost_There

    Almost_There Active Member

    With everything we do in this life, there is a contrast..Some are to great to pay with merely money or items..Sometimes, all I have to give is my soul..and it is not enough..

    My Debt

    Starting this story
    with body and mind full
    no destruction
    even love was known

    But through it at times
    comes our debts
    to others or you and find
    we become no longer full,peice by peice left

    First went my eyes
    which saw all the pain
    some without any reason
    and from it nothing was gained

    My right leg now gone
    as I stood to fight
    for you and myself, for everyone
    merely trying to find the light

    But I fail as my left arm
    goes, as a sacrifice of the scarred
    to try and learn my lessons
    that I know so hard

    I failed at the fight
    without the other leg I cant move
    now my left leg what? my debt still grew

    Of course my right arm goes
    take it and leave
    a full person I know
    I never again will be

    I scream as my mouth is next..trying to tell
    my complete fails
    but it doesnt matter..
    Who would I tell this worthless tale?

    Then my heart they take
    for a moment I felt sorrow
    but not anymore
    in this body becoming hollow

    I think I know..
    whats more on that damful list
    my darkend soul..take it!
    please leave..this hell I wont miss

    They smile and I know the end is here
    the end of my debt and all I knew
    there goes my mind..everythng now they have they smile..into the night they flew
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    very sad well written though but very sad
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