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  1. idc

    idc Active Member

    ok i pulled out of 24 years major depression and suppressed raging bipolar 1 ultra rapid cycling for a year without pharmaceuticals.Its a holistic approach supplements,diet,sleep regimen etc.Within 3 months people around me said i had more then 100% turn around.Ive helped a few people in person supplement wise with overnight results for a few different things.If anyone wants it where do i put it here or the depression forum or the mental conditions?I dont wanna type it out if know one cares but if 1 person has interest i'll do it.I can only tell you what i did and what worked for me and why i think it worked.Its against the law advise people medically.
  2. katrina77

    katrina77 Guest

    I'd really appreciate your listing what you take. I also am bipolar and depressed, and have a blood disorder and other health issues, so I am very careful about any meds I take. I always try a natural/holistic approach if possible.

    And congrats on the turn around!!
  3. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    I would be interested in hearing about this holistic approach. Im trying to find alternatives to just taking meds for my mood disorder :)
  4. idc

    idc Active Member

    Ok i'll try and explain it all,it covers alot but its not that complicated really
  5. idc

    idc Active Member

    I can only tell you what i believe and what i did to come out of depression and suppress severe bipolar/mania.I could be wrong on some of my thinking for sure.I'm not telling anyone to do what i did i'm just sharing what i did.I dont take any meds for depression or bipolar so i wasn't worried about any interactions between supplements and medications(i only take claritin d for allergies).I was willing to risk it all with no worries.In those 24 years i have only tried a low dose of lexapro 2 different times for a total of less then 2 weeks.I'm gonna break this into a few posts i have issues here beng logged out and losing parts of my messages.
  6. idc

    idc Active Member

    My depression was SEVERE.I only drank alcohol once every few years and i never understood the whole "drink yourself sober" for depression or bipolar.Until AFTER i started coming out of depression and i had a few beers.I can see how people suffering use the alcohol,yeah at that point its a quick fix and you do feel NORMAL.I'm just saying this so people can realize my depression was really severe.Fighting to come out of depression and realizing alcohol was a danger to me at that point i had to swear it off completely.If you're fighting your way out of depression alcohol will destroy your chance in the long run.If your brain or body aches from depression,then you are still not at the level where your brain and body is literally NUMB.I have the genetic predisposition for bipolar with absolute certainty.

    this whole being logged out thing and losing huge chunks of posting is really aggravating
  7. idc

    idc Active Member

    Yes i believe in the genetic pre disposition to bipolar for sure.I have read it that some dctrs dont believe its a primary pathophysiology on its own,but just a symptom of something else or a series of other things wrong.I believe thats correct.yeah i know theres a lot of things like abuse/trauma etc that can bring it out and people are learning diet has alot to do with it too.I couldnt grasp the fact that most people make it so far in life and then crash and they are told they need meds because bipolar will just get harder.Well that may be true but they made it seem like it has some delayed onset as to its severity that correlates to age?I wasnt feeling it.I kept asking myself WHAT was it that caused me to have severe ultra rapid cycling mania?In my mind it was staying awake for days(without mania) working around the clock and eating less and less.Which is easy when depression dampens your appetite.After suffering physically from this insane ultrapid cycling mania,staying awake for days at a time with no food water or sleep and on and on.I was basically at the end of my rope between the major depression and the bipolar mania.I told myself i have to heal or die.At the time i couldnt end it because of relatives.I started reading on a few depression forums,current and old posts and i stumbled across a few threads with people who overcame depression with vitamins,supplements etc.I knew inside this was for me and i knew my body needed alot back that the mania drains out of you.
  8. idc

    idc Active Member

    I started researching and i started out with a few things and i had immediate improvements.Within a few months i had more then a 100% turn around with both depression and mania.Everyone has to do their own research and come up with their own regimen if thats what they want.Before i go into my list and some general info on what i take i have to say this.There was a BAD period of 2-3 weeks i went through.It started before i ever started taking supplements and i was trying to fight out of depression.I cant even really describe it,most people would end up in the hospital on meds if they experienced what i went through.I cant imagine anyone having to go through the severity of what i did but it included delusions,paranoia,severe muscle tremmors/twitching and some other crap.I wasnt following a rule book or some simple formula to do this.I even had snaps/pops in my head after i had gotten serotonin working again in my head and its crazy.I searched online and other people who have come out of depression without meds also had the pops and snaps as your brain/frontal lobes open up or come back online.I'm not trying to scare anyone just being honest,it was all worth it for me
  9. idc

    idc Active Member

    Before i get to the supplements theres more to it then just supplements.I was well ahead of the curve as far as not drinking alcohol,smoking cigarettes or using recreational drugs.Those will work against you in trying to come out of depression.What little fast food i did eat i stopped.Greasy food reads the same on brain imaging as depression itself causes.You want alot of vegeatbles and low fat protein.I also use oatmeal with no sugar.Processed sugar is your enemy.Ive known this my whole life and stayed away.If you dont know why sugar is your enemy you need to do some serious learning if you are thinking about coming out of depression or suppressing bipolar.You need to drink water,i use reverse osmosis.The purer the better for healing.Processed food is low in nutrition and high in preservatives,no good.I even have it in my mind that vegetables do not have the same nutrient value as they once had because the soil has been over used to meet demand.I had found 10 hrs of sleep a night was what my body was telling me when i was healing optimally.And i read later8-10 hrs is essential/optimal.With

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  10. idc

    idc Active Member

    White breads have no nutrition and you need to research why you should stay away from wheat bread/products.Some foods have been modified and you need to know your enemies.My body was telling me NO WHEAT and then i found out why.Artificial sweeteners aspartame/nutrasweet i only had that 1 time and got it ill for me to know my body says NO.Everything you ingest is suspect.You get down to a small list,it sucks,and its sad but its reality.If you are trying to come out of depression and suppress bipolar this is what you are facing.Understand if you are overweight that extra fat is acting as its own endocrine organ and producing inflammation/inflammatory hormones.You can counteract with taking natural antioxidants anti inflammatories,For me i had other actual physical issues that cause inflammations not being overweight.A contracted pelvic floor muscle under pelvic myoneuropathy and the more in depth explanation of pelvic myoneuropathy on wiki states this.I was never one for caaffeine and thats another toxin you would want to stay away from
  11. idc

    idc Active Member

    For men,this is important if it pertains to you.If you are alone you have to reduce masturbation down to 1x every 2-3 weeks.You are dumpping out huge amounts of nutrients,plus you are draining free amino acids directly from your cerebro spinal fluid and you are losing huge amounts of hgh from your pituitary that brain needs to heal itself.You are also causing inflammations that will work against you healing from depression and suppressing mania and in my opinion can directly contribute to it. Another thing alcohol destroys the blood brain barrier and allows toxins to cross more easily into your brain and spinal fluid=very not good.Ive never used pepper but i learned pepper helps transport toxins across that barrier to and increases permeability in the intestines and with letting toxins pretty much leach through your intestines.Not good in my mind
  12. idc

    idc Active Member

    Its a whole body sorta holistic approach,and with all that i said already,i could not have done it without supplements.I needed to suppress inflammatory hormones,give my brain/body nutrients its been depleted of,and give it what it needs to heal my brain and fuel the production of neurotransmitters so i'll post my list and all the info will be general and off the top of my head so again if you're interested do your own research.Anything i believe could be wrong so check it for yourself.
  13. idc

    idc Active Member

    the top of my list as far as THE MOST IMPORTANT is

    amino acids(i take vitamin shoppe amino acid complex).These are the vital for providing your body what it needs to repair at the most basic level.Research for yourself

    Omega 3 epa dha(i use life extension brand) You really need to research this.This is what your brain is made of.I cant go on about this enough.It faciltates repairs,it protects and minimizes damage to start with,it suppresses inflammations.I would recommend website back issues articles on this.But anywhere on the web should convince you.People with bipolar have less dense brain matter,common sense tells you this may be vital if you want that to change.I dont know if thats inherently normal for the less dense brain matter.I have a feeling once you get into the destructive mania cycle your brain cannot repair i dont believe children are born with this less dense brain matter but who knows

    5htp-the precursor to serotonin.It doesnt FORCE your brain to make serotonin but if your brain is trying and your helping push things in that direction this is cant sit there waiting to be/become happy.You have to push and fight for it.Music was vital for me to be able to do this.Use whatever it takes or works for you.It takes time,you cant go from deprerssion to happy overnight,it takes time for your brain to change the level of serotonin in your brain naturally overtime.keep pushing and pushing and you CAN change the homeostasis level over time to a much higher level.When i started getting serotonin working again,i didnt even recognize the feeling at all.Other things may change to,anxiety can be a symptom of low serotonin

    those are 3 vitally important and
  14. idc

    idc Active Member

    plus i take a gnc megavitamin(sport) and i think a mega vitamin is essential

    heres a list of anti inflammatories/antioxidants,suppressing inflammatory hormones which can be from a million things including stress.People with depression can have elevated levels of inflammations.Cortisol,prolactin etc whatever you can look it up.Some i take everyday others i rotate

    Pycnogenol is huge for me i take 100 mgs 2 x a day

    Quercetin with bromelain

    aged garlic extract




    vitamin shoppe brand-bilberry extract-acai extract-pomegranate extract-antioxidant complex

    enzymatic therapy tart cherry ultra

    super r lipoic acid and super bio curcumin(life extension)

    maqui superberry(novelle brand)

    blueberry extract with pomegranate and berry complete(life ext brand)

    supercritical antioxidants(newchapter brand)

    You get the idea,theres alot out there and in my

    getting logged out and losing info is killing me here,what is wrong with this auto save.....
  15. idc

    idc Active Member

    i read people with depression have elevated inflammatory hormones but does the depression cause the hormones or vice versa was the ? or both who knows.I just went at it and i had success thats what important.I have a contracted pfm muscle under pelvic myoneuropathy which actually causes a cycle of inflammtion/inflammatory hormones on its own so i was going in the right direction.Its just my opinion that part of bipolar is related to or causes or caused by elevated levels of inflammations.Everytime you have sugar or are in mania it has to be pumping your adrenals and messing with your glucose/glycogen and causing more inflammatory hormones to be released.I think the same thing with pelvic myoneuropathy you get past a breaking point and it becomes self sustaining.Unless you help your body to break it your trapped in it a cycle i cant even imagine what it encompasses physiologically its probably nearly infinite
  16. idc

    idc Active Member

    Some other stuff i take

    lions mane 3 different brands newchapter,fungi perfecti host defense and mushroom wisdom brand.This stuff crosses the blood brain barrier and triggers nerve growth factor to be released in your brain.You cant take nerve growth factor itself it doesnt cross the blood brain barrier.I dont take this at night,myself and others you can wake up too early and be wide awake
  17. idc

    idc Active Member

    super ginko extract AM only


    neuro mag magnesium l threonate life extension brand


    twinlabs gabba plus/picamilon-gabba neurotransmitter related


    cocoa weel flavonoids

    thyroid complex

    maca extract

    alpha gpc

    pqq caps with biopqq

    acetyl l carnitine


  18. idc

    idc Active Member

    i had started with massive doses of samE which made a huge impact and then i tapered down($$$$)

    much later i stumbled upon idebenone and piracetam.Nootropic compounds i wish i had known about earlier even after i was well on my way these still made a HUGE overnight impact for me.unbelievable
  19. idc

    idc Active Member

    i take an extra super b-complex by vitamin shop i'm heavy on that and my mega vitamin is heavy in d3

    super ubiquinol life extension

    astaxanthin is huge with me,antioxidant for the brain

    life extensions super zeaxanthin with lutein,meso,zeaxanthin and c3G (with or without astaxanthin)
    after i had been on supplements a while i started getting surges in my vision.Clarity,crispness,detail,color saturation etc wwhich eventually stayed in addition to increased night vision and again coming out of depression there was EMOTION behind things,like the sky/clouds,trees,even certain store signs like i dont know cvs or something that has a huge red sign,with increased color saturation life just came back into EVERYTHING,i guess serotonin is in there too but there has to be a difference with just the visual gains

    lycomato lycopene is another antioxidant

    phospahtydlserine complex i consider important for myself

    omega 7 its for hair skin and nails but if you look online i dont believe its been fully reasearched and it may heal damaged arteries and i think someday it will be indicated positively for other things so im sticking with it
  20. idc

    idc Active Member

    Wellesse brand joint movement glucosamine(with chondroitin)

    Jarrow formulas pomegranate 4x juice extract(powerful brain antioxidant)

    If anyone is interested in my approach i suggest do your own research like i did.I did it,so i know it is possible if someone can pull out of 24 years major depression it can be done.The bipolar/mania i think is just a symptom of huge malfunctions in my body.The pelvic floor thing plus inflammations past my bodys breaking point a few other things too but only your issues are relevent to straightening out yourself so...My advice is dont play into the mania it makes it worse.DOnt stay awake getting all caught up after slacking possibly with depression.That chemical cocktail your brain is producing that researchers are amazed to have seen with a brain imaging thats never been seen beforein ANY other disorder.Dont play into dont ride the high that comes with mania,theres a reason why it doesnt last and crash,your body cannot sustain it and its(in my opinion) a huge malfunctioning that has to be entirely detrimental physiologically.I went from ultra rapid cycling off the reported charts to mania free for a year.Its not cured,its suppressed or things are corrected enough it doesnt occur.I think the more severe you had it and the longer you had the more you have to keep things correct to suppress or prevent it.
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