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my doc says i need to see a shrink

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today i had to go to the doctors for some more pain meds my mother ended up blurting out that i was depressed and the doctor said that maybe i should get some help but im terrified he asked me questions like had i thought about harming my self but all i could do was stay silent and look at the floor or deny things.i have heard so many horror stories about shrinks and people being fucked about by health care professionals so im really worried about this :(


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Hey, donno where you live but its different everywhere. All I know is I wouldn't be where I am now without help, very likely would have attempted and possibly succeeded.. my point is its so hard to get out of something like this without help, but yes you need good help.

I would say go for it, if they aren't helping ask for someone else until they do. Which horror stories worry you specifically?

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Hey hun go for help okay most psychiatrist are very kind and helpful that is why they became what they are The medication for depression will help you feel better give and having someone to talk to other then family help too. The doctor will not judge you hun doc will care and help you hugs


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I'm lucky, I have a great pdoc. Not every story is a horror story, sweetie. Give it a try...if one doesn't seem to fit, speak up and try another until you find someone who seems to "get" it and you.

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Hey i just saw a psychiatrist first time it took me forever to trust to try to go
I know it is a hard decision but i can tell you it was worth going okay. I just went two times now i am on meds to help me Everything is kept confidential hun no one needs to even know you went to see one just between yu and the doc okay Go no harm will come of it hugs
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