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My Dogs

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i'm going to report about each woof woof in my dog lot, because its good therapy and I want to, dammit!

the first is Joe-Joe, the youngest of the bunch (1 year) smart, noisy and prone to jealousy. If I am within a mile of him and giving another canine a scratch, he voices his feelings. He is very loving and affecionate, but demands all my attention :)

he is completely black, with a white crest across his chest, and white paws, which are ENOURMOUS for his age and size. His tail is bushy, and curled, he reminds me of a peacock, with his plumage!

oh, and he 'roars.'



the next is dracula, the count with blue eyes and a appearance that betrays his sweetness.

his fur is a mottle of brown, red, black and white, and his teeth are the sharpest of the lot. yet he is so gentle, and loves a good chin scratch.

his voice is high and lilting, and his howl is the most beautiful i've ever heard.

he is 8 years old, and still looks like a 2 year old pup :dog:


Congo Dongo

the poor mutt with epilepsy and a heart bursting with love and affection. he is 9 years of age, and still has spunk and energy to spare.

He is completely black, except for his feet, which are white and soft. His tails curls like a spiraling chaos equation.

He is fond of hugs, and regularly jumps and showers you with hugs and kisses.




brother to Congo Dongo and Ortega, the largest of the three and without a doubt, the most ferocious (when the moment calls)

quiet, submissive and calm, unlike his sporadic brothers, Monster exhibits a spirit of tranquility (except during feeding time.)

A coat of mottled black and white, and brown eyes that tell you to ignore his monstrous size and simply love him.

9 years old.
AwAwWwW!!!!!!!! I love doggies!!! hand over the baby dogs! just kidding. :hug:

Thanks for sharing I am sure it'll cheer a whole bunch of people up! :wink: :wink: :wink:


you cant have joe-joe he is my angel-wangel..... :laugh:

next up is Red Man, a sporadic and clinically insane mutt, completely red and blue eyed.

he can't sit still for a single minute, yet he showers his love and affection with a jump here, a bark there and a hug once every blue moon.

I thought maybe ritalin would be affective but...... :rolleyes:


I love your descriptions thus far. You're far healthier than I. I had a cat (my soul mate) of 18 years I had to have put down last year. She was the only one who understood me and yet I "betrayed" her. I feel so bad. I can't - do not deserve another pet. My life is cursed. I would not invite another living being into it...

You're good to your dawgs - they're good to you. I'm glad for you...



losing a pet is a terrible fate, but it happens, as with people :(

Ortega, brother of Congo and Monster, is a hellenist. He eats, sleeps and runs like there is no tomorrow, and despite his age *8 years* he gets around.

Large and browned eyed, Ortega's head seems a little too big for his gigantic grame......

He is very fond of leaping and bonking your chin when you visit him.


Susquehanna is queen of the dog lot

short, with a blunt face and blue eyes, "sussie" sees to it that all the other dogs obey her.

Her underbite gives her a look of fierce feralness, but she is simply a control freak..... :unsure:

She is the only dog *aside from Canada* that is allowed to roam the farm free at all times, last time we hooked her up was 5 months ago :laugh:



Monster, my buddy was killed by his brothers Ortega and Congo last night, he died of internal bleeding :cry:

we're going to bury him in the spring when the ground softens.


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I'm sorry for the loss of Monster.:sad: I lose pets all the time but I keep getting more. I figure, why not give a good life to another critter the same way I gave a good life to the one who just went to live in God's Meadow? So I keep on getting new mice, rats, rabbits, birds, cats - but can only have one dog at a time cause I'm so in love with our little Beagirl, Riley!:smile:

I love your dogs' names!

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