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my dream about my wife last night

i was in the living room with my wife and kids and my wife was wearing some new clothes and asked me how she looked i said
"wow you look great vivienne but you dont need to lose any more weight you look great as it is" she replied as her blue eyes turned red "but its wahat you want isnt it ? im giving you what you want.
At this poing i lifted her up with her legs around my waist and carried her into our bedroom and fell on to the bed with her, i looked her in te eyaes and said " vivienne dont take this the wrong way and dont be upset but i know you have a problem" she looked up at me and said i dont know what you mean paul" and i replied i know you have bulimia and i want to help im not angry i just want to help".
She started crying and as my wee boy walked into the room i started crying also and said "please vivienne me and the kids want to help you we dont want to lose you"
At this point i woke up crying and reality came back to me.

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