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My dream *might be triggerish*

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A dream I had last night. I can't remember it fully so there are HUGE gaps..

So I was living in a appartment house in a tiny town. There was another identical house across the street, really close. I was living in a corner flat on the top floor. And I could see clearly to the flat infront of my window.

Everything in the dream had colors, except the flat across the street, it was black and white. There was a young guy living in there. And he was black and white too.

I was supposed to date him or I loved him and he loved me too, but we never met.

I didnt have any furniture, and neither did he.

I just sat infront of the window, staring at him and longing to be with him.
The house I lived in had alot of old people living in it too. And there was this young guy, who had some kinda problems.. He was.. Really violent. He tortured an elderly woman and left her tied up on this TINY balcony outside his apartment.

I didn't have a balcony, but I would stand outside my flat, on a balcony which I didn't have, and look at the woman.. There was someone with me, I can't remember who it was. I felt so.. Anxious and.. Under pressure. I suppose it was the man who had tortured the elderly woman.

I remember him trying to make it look so that I would have done that to the woman on the balcony, he said if I told anyone he would either kill me or tell the cops that I did that. I dont remember which.

The guy who was in black and white. I felt.. That he wanted to be with me. That he wanted to help me, but couldn't because of the violent man.

This is difficult, Hmm.. No one had names in the dream, so.. I'll call the guy who was in black and white Michael and the violent guy Hayden. Sorry can't think of any other names xD

Ok so. One day I saw Michael leave his place and I just knew he was coming to me. After he went out of his flat I didn't see him anymore that day.
I got the feeling that he had been behind my door, but was too scared to knock.. Because Hayden would come and hurt me.

And I saw Michael in the corridor, pasing around behind my door, like I was looking at the corridor thru a security cam.
So Michael heard Hayden coming and ran away.

Michael went back to his house and I saw him sobbing.. He covered his head in his arms and just cried.. And.. I just wanted to hold him, but we couldn't.. Never ever even speak. And it killed me, knowing that person who truly loved me was so close.. But I could never be with him.

I dont remember what happened next. I think Hayden came to my place, he had the keys to my door. I suppose he was a janitor or something..

I was kneeled infront of my window, my left hand pressed against the window, I was looking at Michael stand infront of his window, smiling at me.

Then the view changed. To what Michael was seeing. *I could see Michael from a third person view in his flat* Michael saw Hayden come up behind me from the shadows since my room was dark. He saw Hayden wrap his arms around me, kiss my cheek, look up at Michael and grin at him. Then Hayden started pulling me away from the window, slowly. A tear rolled down my cheek and my hand slowly letting go of the window, us dissappearing in the dark. And Michael started screaming, he was hitting his window and screaming without a sound. Trying to make Hayden bring me back and leave me alone.
Michael laid his head against the window and cried. And the dream ended there.
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Hmm...Do you know anyone who looks like Michael? And, who does Hayden respresent, you believe? It may be, just some random guess, that you have someone who loves you, who is trying to communicate with you? And someone who hates you?
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