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My dream/nightmare

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ok, in the first part i can remember, i was walking with my cousin's son (oliver), pushing him in a stroller, you know? but it wasn't oliver, it was david (my dad) in oliver's body. and we were walking along a pool, and he threw this barbie doll he had. and it was an evil barbie. and then, in the next part i can remember, it's night time, and my aunt and uncle and my aunt's friend bernie leave, leaving just
shauna (my cousin, and oliver's mother) and i alone, and shauna starts choking me, and she says "i saw that you went to (something i couldn't make out, but it started with an M) last night, you little bitch!" and so i run, and i fall in the street, and she shines a flashlight out the door onto me, and starts to get up, so i run, and a few houses over there's this black woman, whom i tell everything to, and then a blue car that's traveling down the street flips over.

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