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My Electronic Mail Address!

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by William!, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. William!

    William! Guest

    If any of my former friends desires to forward any electronic mail to me, my current electronic mail address is will_4ever2008@yahoo.com. It is hoped that I have the ability to commence a relationship with my former companions, once more.
  2. Mia12

    Mia12 Guest

    Hey!!! I'll write down your address.

  3. William!

    William! Guest

    My MySpace profile page is http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=311458499. If anyone wants to forward any messages to me, especially those with whom I communicated on this forum years ago, I do not mind. Although, only a few of the people who were active members during August of two thousand and four to August of two thousand and six, remains active on this forum. Which is, unfortunately, distressing. There is actually no excuse for those who want to interact with me once again. If no one wants to communicate with me, I am satisfactory with that as well.
  4. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Hi William!

    I'm still active.. it's good to see you around again! How are you doing? I'll check out your myspace page later.. hope you're doing ok

    Jenny x
  5. William!

    William! Guest

    I have deactivated both of my accounts, thenceforth, consequently, please, do not
    expend any effort to forward any messages to me, for the reason that, the
    transmissions will not successfully attain its destination. I have deactivated the
    accounts for personal reasons, and, I will not be elucidating those reasons. Moreover,
    if anyone desires to remain in connection with me, especially my former friends, it is
    not going to occur, anon. I have an intense admiration for my former friends, and it is to
    be hoped that their feelings towards me is likewise. My desire was to have some sense
    of serenity, and, as a consequence of this, I have made the decision to invalidate my
    accounts. I am fearful of harming another human being intensely, and that a human
    being might inflict pain towards me, especially anguish. I do not blame anyone for
    strongly disliking me for what I have done to others. I take full liability for the distress
    that I might have cause others, and I have no sensible reason why I have committed
    those absurd and highly contemptible acts, and why I have typed despicable and
    reprehensible words towards other. If I have to apologize over a hundred times,
    to obtain partial forgiveness from anyone to whom I have caused mental or emotional
    suffering, I would not mind. I do not abhor any of the members of this forum. I never
    have, and, most likely, never will, during my lifetime in this realm of existence. The only
    person who is a member on this forum who deserves to be execrated is me. I believe
    that I deserve hostility and/or animosity towards the members. I am not going to
    transmit any communications to any other the members on this forum, with the
    exception of the super administrator, for a considerable length of time. If I create another account in the near future, and any of you want to interact with me, just ask Robin, he will have knowledge of it. I love all of you, and I have changed, and it is possible for a human being to transform her life.
  6. TinkerLoop

    TinkerLoop Well-Known Member

    william im not as talkative as i used to be but your still my willy wonka and i do miss you love you


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